Thrifty Car Hire in Australia

One of Australia’s premium car rental brands, Thrifty Car Rental stands alone among the major rental providers in being 100% Australian owned and operated. The parent company of Thrifty’s Australian franchise is the NRMA road organisation based out of Sydney.

Thrifty’s origins date back to 1958 in the US when it was founded as Thrifty Rent a Car System. In 2012 it was acquired by Hertz Global Holdings and today there are over 1000 Thrifty rental locations in 80 countries around the world.

Whether you are looking to hire a car from Thrifty in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or elsewhere, you’ll find plenty of choice with more than 17000 vehicles in 170 Thrifty branches located in all major cities, airports and regional locations across Australia.

This rental fleet includes cars, SUVs, passenger vans, 4 wheel drives, utes, delivery vans, trucks and buses.

The Thrifty Car Rental fleet includes a diverse range of vehicles, everything from small city runabouts through to 8 seater passenger vans, people movers, family sedans and a range of luxury cars suitable for every occasion. Some vehicles are equipped with manual transmission although the vast majority of Thrifty vehicles come with automatic transmission. The fleet also includes hybrid options.

Some examples of Thrifty car rentals include:

  • Compact and Economy class vehicles – often the Toyota Corolla and Yaris along with the Mitsubishi Mirage are used to fill this class. These are perfect where you just need a small Thrifty rental car with minimum luggage requirements.
  • Family and Intermediate – for those looking to hire a slightly larger vehicle the Thrifty family car class of Sedan rentals includes the Toyota Camry and it’s Hybrid variant and Kia's Cerato for intermediate car hire.
  • Passenger Vans – when it comes to moving a crowd Thrifty offer 7 seater wagons and 8 seater people movers with the dependable Kia Carnival.
  • SUV and 4WD – an increasingly popular rental class for Thrifty, the SUV and 4WD groups are dominated by Mazda CX5 & CX8, Mitsubishi ASX, Pajero and Outlander wagons and the Toyota Kluger.
  • Luxury cars – where you need that extra touch of luxury, Thrifty offer a range of Mercedes rentals from compact through to executive sedan and full size wagons.
Whilst every effort is made by Thrifty to match your booking request against the vehicle of your choice, they do not guarantee a specific make or model. The actual vehicles offered in each Thrifty Car Rental Class may differ by location.

Common questions asked by our Thrifty Customers

How old must I be to hire a car from Thrifty in Australia?

21. Drivers 24 and under will be charged a young driver's surcharge fee and can only access the Thrifty standard rental vehicle range.

What type of Driving License does Thrifty accept?

A full unrestricted driving license in English with photo. Non-English driving licenses must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP) or certified English translation. Should the license not have a photo then an IDP is required.

Will the rate change once I have made my booking?

No. Unless you change the rental duration, vehicle class or drop-off location the cost of your Thrifty car hire is locked in with your booking confirmation.

How I can pay for my car hire with Thrifty?

Thrifty's preferred payment method is via credit card. Debit cards are only accepted in certain locations.

What should I check before driving away from the Thrifty branch?

Thrifty will provide you with a Vehicle Condition Report with your Rental agreement. Use this to check the external and internal condition of your vehicle to ensure any defects are noted. Taking photos is recommended and/or bringing to the attention of a Thrifty employee and having additional defects recorded in writing. If you miss something you can still contact Thrifty by phone within 60 mins of pick-up to report a default.

Do I need to refuel my vehicle before dropping it off?

Yes. Whilst Thrifty offers prepaid fuel options and will also fill up your vehicle if dropped off without a full tank they do charge a premium to do this. Your best option is to fill up before dropping your vehicle off.

How do I pay for road tolls with a Thrifty rental?

In most instances Road Tolls will automatically be charged by Thrifty through to your credit card plus a daily service fee. These charges may appear on your statement after your rental period has concluded.

What happens if I incur an infringement whilst driving a Thrifty vehicle?

Payment for any infringement notice or speeding fine is the responsibility of the renter. Thrifty will charge the renter an handling administration fee for any infringement notice that they receive.

What is the Thrifty Single Vehicle Accident Fee?

The Single Vehicle Accident fee is charged where an accident occurs that does not involve another vehicle except a parked vehicle or where Thrifty have been unable to idenfity the other driver or the rental vehicle was driving in reverse and the other vehicle was stationary.

What is the minimal rental period for a Thrifty vehicle?

24 hours.

Can I hire a one-way rental with Thrifty?

Yes. One way rentals are common, rates between branches will vary and may include a one way fee.

Can I use my rental vehicle to tow?

No. Towing breaches Thrifty's Terms and Conditions and voids all insurance cover.

Can I drive my Thrifty vehicle above the Snow line?

No. However certain vehicles can be driven above the snow line where a Snow Pass has been purchased. Speak with the DriveNow Reservations Team on 1300 547 214 for further information.

Can more than one person drive my Thrifty rental?

Yes. Other drivers can be nominated when collecting the vehicle and must show their driving licenses and be recorded within the rental agreement. There is a daily fee which is capped at 5 days for every 30 day rental period. If you elect to add a driver after collecting your rental you must attend a Thrifty branch to update the rental agreement and show the new driver's license. Additional drivers under the age of 25 will incur a surcharge and Thrifty admin and Premium Location surcharge fees may also apply.

If I have rental insurance with a third party do I still pay the excess and Single Accident Fee in the event of an accident or damage?

Yes. Thrifty will charge the excess amount and any fees to your credit card. You can then claim back from your insurer those excess charges per your insurance agreement.

Please note that this guide should be read as indicative of the make and model that Thrifty offer in each Vehicle Class. Images are for illustration purposes only.

Thrifty Car Hire Fleet

Mercedes C200
  • 5 People
  • 2 Large & 2 Small suitcases
  • Automatic

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