Western Australia Surfing Itinerary


  • Perth
  • Perth to Mandurah
  • Mandurah to Margaret River
  • Margaret River to Denmark
  • Denmark to Bremer Bay
  • Bremer Bay to Esperance
  • Esperance to Perth

Distance: 1930km

Day 1. Perth

Collect your car or campervan in Perth today. If renting a camper allow an hour to become familiar with your vehicle before leaving the depot. Take some time to discover what Perth has to offer before beginning your journey.

Travel out to Rottnest Island for the day and try out a couple of the best surf spots there. Strickland Bay has been ranked in the top 50 breaks in the world, making it a popular place for surfers to check out. Other locations on the island that surfers, body boarders and stand-up paddle boarders love are Stark Bay and Salmon Bay.

Stay: Discovery Holiday Parks, Perth.

Day 2. Perth to Mandurah

Depart this morning and head south on the Kwinana Freeway until you reach Mandurah.

Check out Avalon Beach for the best surfing conditions and the opportunity to try out some windsurfing. There is a surf spot known locally as the Gearies, just south of Falcon Bay, which has some of the best waves for surfers.

Distance: 70 km, 50 minutes

Stay: Miami Holiday Park

Day 3. Mandurah to Margaret River

Depart this morning and head south on the Forrest Highway to Bussell Highway in Margaret River.

Margaret River is full of great places for surfing, with 75 breaks along a 130-kilometre area; it can be hard to choose. Check out Cowaramup Bay in Gracetown or Surfers Point, which is just before Prevelley. Surfers Point is not for the faint-hearted, offering waves up to and over 15 feet.

Margaret River is worth staying for an extra night to check out surf beaches a little further away, including Dunsborough and Boranup. You could even set yourself the challenge of following the Margaret River coastline to find all the best surf spots.

Distance: 203 km, 2 hours 15 minutes

Stay: Margaret River Tourist Park

Day 4. Margaret River to Denmark

Depart this morning and head south on Bussell Highway towards Walkington Avenue.

Ocean Beach is one of the most popular destinations for surfers and swimmers as the beach is patrolled during the summer. Therefore, it can get very crowded on the beach. If you’re looking for a more secluded and quieter beach, the Lowlands are on the other side of the Wilson Inlet and have great waves intermediate surfers.

Distance: 314 km, 4 hours

Stay: Ocean Beach Caravan Park

Day 5. Denmark to Bremer Bay via Albany

Depart this morning and follow National Route 1 to Borden-Bremer Bay Road in Boxwood Hill.

If you have the chance, stop off in Albany, which is roughly 40 minutes into your journey to Bremer Bay. Albany has some great surf beaches for a wide range of surfers.

Bremer Beach has a great variety of waves for different experience levels. The southern corner of the bay is a great place for kids and those who have just started learning to surf. The middle of the beach has bigger waves, for those who want more of a challenge. Blossoms Beach is also another option as it is more of an isolated beach, and requires an experienced surfer to be present in case of rips or accidents.

Distance: 228 km, 2 hours 25 minutes

Stay: Bremer Bay Caravan Park

Day 6. Bremer Bay to Esperance

Depart this morning and follow Borden-Bremer Bay Road to get on the National Route 1 to Chadwick.

Esperance has a lot of great beaches to try out including West Beach, Fourth Beach and Observatory Beach. If you are more of an experienced surfer, check out Chapman’s Point, which can have more powerful waves.

Distance: 398 km, 4 hours 15 minutes

Stay: Bathers Paradise Caravan Park

Day 7. Esperance to Perth

Depart this morning and follow the National Route 1 back to Perth.

Leave at least 60 minutes to return your caravan.


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