Discover South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula


One of Australia’s lesser explored regions, the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia is home to some of the most stunning coastlines and the Seafood capital of Australia, Port Lincoln, on Boston Bay. This 10-day tour takes you north from Adelaide to Port Augusta before heading south and looping around the Peninsula.

  • Adelaide to Port Pirie
  • Port Pirie to Port Augusta
  • Port Augusta to Cowell
  • Cowell to Port Lincoln
  • Port Lincoln to Venus Bay
  • Venus bay to Wudinna
  • Wudinna to Kimba
  • Kimba to Port Broughton
  • Port Broughton to Adelaide

Distance: 1565km

Day 1. Adelaide

Collect your campervan in Adelaide today. Even for those who have travelled by campervan before, allow an hour in order to familiarise yourself with the vehicle before you leave the branch.

Adelaide, capital city of South Australia, offers a variety of activities suited to everyone’s tastes.

Visit Hahndorf, Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. The town retains a strong German heritage, transporting you to an entirely new cultural experience. There are plenty of places to try some food, buy some souvenirs and enjoy the history.

If you have time, visit the Art Gallery of South Australia to top off your cultural day! Founded in 1881, the gallery is found in the cultural precinct of Adelaide, right next to the Adelaide Museum and University of Adelaide. The gallery has a collection of over 38,000 works comprising of different nationalities and types.

Stay: Adelaide Caravan Park

Day 2. Adelaide to Port Pirie

Depart this morning and follow the National Highway 1 to the Spencer Highway/ B89 in Bungama. Continue along Spencer Highway until you reach Port Pirie.

Visit the Port Pirie Historic and Folk Museum, which includes the Railway Station, Customs House and Police Station. These buildings, which date back as early as the late 1800s, are well preserved in the Victorian Pavilion style, and will transport you back in time so you can immerse yourself within the history. Other treasures of the museum include the discovery of the Diprotodon bones, remains of the largest marsupial known to have ever lived.

Distance: 226 km, 2 hours 30 minutes

Stay: Port Pirie Beach Caravan Park

3. Port Pirie to Port Augusta

Depart this morning and follow the National Highway A1 to Port Augusta.

To learn about some of the local indigenous culture, visit out the Wadlata Outback Centre. Known as the “Tunnel of Time”. The centre takes you back to the beginning, where the dinosaurs would roam the land. From here, you will learn the traditional stories of the Dreamtime and how the lands around you formed. The tunnel takes you to when the Flying Doctors and School of the Air was established, and into present day. It is one not to miss.

Spend the afternoon immersing yourself in the cultural works of the area at the Port Augusta Cultural Centre – Yarta Purtli. Enjoy the gallery spaces and see artworks from both local and interstate artists. Watch a show in the Institute Theatre and experience the artistic talent present in Port Augusta.

Distance: 92.2 km, 1 hour

Stay: BIG4 Port Augusta Holiday Park

Day 4. Port Augusta to Cowell

Depart this morning and follow the National Highway A1 towards Gap Road. Continue along onto Lincoln Highway/ B100 until you reach Cowell.

Cowell is a great town for beaches and fishing spots. Lucky Bay is 16 km north of Cowell and is a great beach for swimmers of any age. Likewise, Flat Rock Beach is 12 km south of Cowell, and is another great beach for swimming. Both beaches are also great fishing spots for those who want a go at catching some lunch.

If you’re looking for history of the town, there is a museum situated in the old Post Office. The museum houses items such as documents, books, Aboriginal artefacts and household items, which help to illustrate how the town has formed. Likewise, there are three rooms set up in the style of the 1800s so you can experience how people would have lived in that time.

Distance: 170 km, 1 hour 45 minutes

Stay: Cowell Foreshore Caravan Park

Day 5. Cowell to Port Lincoln

Depart this morning and follow the Lincoln Highway/ B100 until you reach the roundabout where you will take the 1st exit onto Light Street in Port Lincoln.

Easily the most popular activity in Port Lincoln is to go shark cage diving. There are many cruise options, where they will take you out on a cruise for a couple of hours to the Neptune Islands. From there, you will get the opportunity to go in the cage underwater and see Great White Sharks up close and personal.

If you are not keen to get in the cage underwater, you can also purchase spectator tickets and enjoy the shark watching from the safety of the boat.

Distance: 161 km, 1 hour 40 minutes

Stay: Port Lincoln Caravan Park

Day 6. Port Lincoln to Venus Bay

Depart this morning and follow the B100 to Venus Bay.

Try the South Head Walking Trail to discover some of the local wildlife. Along your walk, you may see a pod of dolphins, sea lions and sea eagles. During the months May and October, you may even spot the Southern Right Whales as they migrate to the Great Australian Bight. The Needle Eye Lookout also provides a great opportunity to see the rugged cliff edges and views of the coastline, making for a great picture opportunity.

Distance: 231 km, 2 hours 30 minutes

Stay: Venus Bay Caravan Park

Day 7. Venus Bay to Wudinna

Depart this morning and continue along Venus Bay Road until you reach the B100. Turn left on the B100 and turn right onto Port Kenny Road. Turn right onto the National Highway A1 and follow until you reach Wudinna.

Take a tour up to the Gawler Ranges and go four-wheel driving with a local who will show you the best sites. The outback has a diverse range of terrains, ranging from woodlands, desert and volcanic gorges. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to see some local wildlife including kangaroos, emus and wombats. This is a truly unique Australian experience.

Distance: 94.6 km, 1 hour 10 minutes

Stay: Gawler Ranges Motel and Caravan Park

Day 8. Wudinna to Kimba

Depart this morning and follow the National Highway A1 until you reach Kimba.

Kimba is located exactly halfway across Australia, and its most popular attraction is the Big Galah. The Big Galah is a statue of an Australian bird, standing at 8 metres tall. Take some photos with the large statue, or enjoy the other attractions the town had to offer including Kimba’s Gem shop, which has a great collection of locally mined Cowell Jade.

Distance: 103 km, 1 hour 5 minutes

Stay: Kimba Caravan Park

Day 9. Kimba to Port Broughton

Depart this morning and follow the National Highway A1 to Napperby. From here, take the Spencer Highway/ B89 to Port Broughton.

Port Broughton is a great place to go out on a fishing charter and try your luck at catching some fish. If you’re not keen on fishing, in town there is a Heritage Centre, which showcases some of the local history. It contains artefacts and photos from older time when the town was still developing.

Distance: 301 km, 3 hours 10 minutes

Stay: Port Broughton Caravan Park

Day 10. Port Broughton to Adelaide

Depart this morning and follow the B85 to the National Highway A1 in Port Wakefield. Follow the National Highway A1 to the Princes Highway, and continue along until you reach Adelaide.

You have now arrived at your final destination. Continue your journey or return your campervan to the depot. Allow up to 60 minutes to return the vehicle.

Distance: 172 km, 2 hours 10 minutes


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