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Compare Cheap Campervan Hire in Australia with DriveNow

DriveNow takes the hard work out of arranging campervans in Australia. We offer the widest choice of campervan rental companies to select from and work with all the biggest and best brands in the market, Trusted suppliers such as Apollo, Britz, Camperman, Crusin, Driveabout, Go Cheap, Jucy, Letsgo, Lucky, Mighty, Spaceships, StarRV, Tasmania Campers and Travellers Autobarn give you an unrivalled variety of great makes, models, and sizes to pick and choose from, ensuring you get the keys to the cheapest vehicle that suits your needs. With pick-up locations around all across the country, you’ll be able to grab the keys at a spot that’s convenient for you so you can get your trip started quickly and on the right foot.

In addition to this great selection and convenience, you’ll also get the best pricing on the market. Our comparison service is impartial and unbiased, and the prices you see are always the best available, backed up by our lowest price guarantee. You also don’t have to worry about any extra charges or fees, as the price you see is what you get. All this adds up to convenient, cheap campervan hire that will help you have a smooth start to your travels.

Why Use DriveNow for Campervan Hire in Australia?

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Having a camper or motorhome hire in Australia is an unforgettable way to experience the country. DriveNow have been helping happy campers gain access to the perfect vehicle for more than a decade, and are ready and waiting to help you find yours!

Ready to book? Simply enter your dates of travel, decide on the make and model of your campervan rental, and place your reservation. It couldn’t be simpler!

Embark on an Australian Adventure with Cheap Campervan Hire

When you’re taking a holiday in a country as scenic and warm as Australia, it seems a shame to spend any more time than necessary indoors. There are so many beaches to discover, forests to explore, and sunrises to capture, that really the best place to be is right at the heart of the action; in the Great Outdoors.

Luckily for you, there is a solution at your fingertips! Campervan holidays have become one of the most popular ways to explore Australia, both by visitors from overseas and locals looking for a domestic holiday. There’s nothing quite like packing your gear into the back of your home on wheels and heading off on an adventure, whether that’s with friends, family, or flying solo, and you couldn’t pick a better suited location for it than the fabulous land of Oz.

Australia has something to cater for just about any type of campers. Want sun, surf, and more surf? You’ll find plenty of that. Prefer to stay in a luxurious holiday park with all your creature comforts? That’s all fine, too. Or maybe it’s the cities you’re most interested in visiting, but you don’t want to be tied to booking a hotel. Whatever kind of camping adventure you have in mind, Australia is the place to do it.

So you’ve gathered your travel companions, now all you need is a vehicle! The best way to organise campervan hire in Australia is to book through an unbiased comparison site like DriveNow. With more than 10 years of experience in campervan, motorhome, and caravan hire in Australia, DriveNow is able to work with the most reliable vehicle operators in the country to ensure you get a great home on wheels at the lowest possible price. Make DriveNow your first port of call for your campervan hire and get your Aussie holiday off to an absolute cracker of a start.

Bright Lights and Beaches: Explore New South Wales in your Campervan Hire

Whether you’re flying in from overseas or just wanting to explore your home turf from the comforts of a campervan, New South Wales has plenty to offer. Here are just a few of the most popular spots to make sure you tick off on your travels.


While it may not be the sole destination for your camper van trip, a visit to New South Wales will normally involve a trip to sunny Sydney at some point. The city is famous for its glorious surfing beaches, laid back lifestyle, and expensive houses, but luckily you won’t have to worry about that last one as you cruise around in your motor home! Whether you’re flying into Sydney to pick up your campervan hire and head off right away or are spending a few days there, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Although the CBD is certainly busy, it’s not all about the hustle and bustle. For stunning waterfalls and views for miles, head to the Blue Mountains, just an hour’s drive out of Sydney. Or if you can’t get enough of the ocean, head to the Royal National Park for some beautiful coastal hikes, cliffs, and wildlife spotting.

Byron Bay

Once you’re all set up with your campervan, the beach might well be calling your name. In New South Wales there are literally hundreds to choose from! Road tripping from beach to beach in your motorhome makes for a glorious way to discover the coastline and can become quite an addictive lifestyle! One place that you’ll bump into plenty of fellow campervan fans is Byron Bay, a well-known surfing town with a laid back, fun-loving atmosphere. Embrace your inner yogi and learn some new poses as you soak up the sun, or feast at some of the numerous health conscious cafes and restaurants. Byron is well equipped for campers, with several holiday parks and campsites for you to park up your campervan for the night complete with all the facilities you need.

Hunter Valley

If your idea of a campervan or caravan holiday involves cruising from winery to winery, then who are we to judge? New South Wales has a whole host of beautiful farm regions where you can not only taste the pick of the crops, but enjoy beautiful scenery at the same time. One of the most popular is the Hunter Valley, just a short drive away from Sydney and home to more than 120 wineries, amongst other farms and restaurants. There are also several holiday parks and campsites in the area to accommodate you and your travel team. Just make sure you’ve sorted a designated driver if you plan on testing out the Shiraz!


If you’ve bypassed Sydney but still fancy a taste of one of Australia’s lively cities, pop into Newcastle on your travels up the coast. The city is only a tenth of the size of Sydney, but certainly isn’t lacking in character or things to do. You’ll find trendy cafes and bars, interesting architecture and beautiful scenery just a stone’s throw away. Like most parts of the New South Wales coast, Newcastle is also home to some glorious beaches that are ideal for catching waves. A few hours there and you’ll see why it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the state.

Experience the Sunshine State: Queensland

With a nickname like the Sunshine State, it’s no wonder Queensland attracts the highest number of visitors in the whole country. And the gloriously warm climate isn’t the only thing this state has in store for you. With tropical rainforests, the buzzing nightlife of the Gold Coast, and even the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your activities. This all makes for a fantastic destination for your campervan or caravan rental holiday, and it’s no surprise that this state caters very well for holidays on four wheels. Check out some of these hot spots in Queensland to start mapping your trip.


Brisbane might not have the same international fame as the likes of Sydney and Melbourne, but that definitely doesn’t mean you should take it off your hit list. The city has taken off in recent years and continues to develop into a modern, trendy, and interesting place to visit, and more than just a starting point to explore destinations further afield. Saying that, if you plan to explore the nearby popular coastal holiday spots, Brisbane is a great place to pick up your campervan or motorhome hire, stock up with supplies, and hit the road!


130 kilometres north of Brisbane is Noosa, one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. If you and your camping squad are into outdoor activities, then you’ll certainly enjoy yourself in Noosa, as there are endless opportunities to explore not only the ocean and Great Barrier Reef but the nearby rainforest, too. The area is also surrounded by stunning national parks, with waterfalls, lakes, and walking tracks to be explored. You’ll find some scenic camping spots in Noosa to park up your campervan hire, too, including Cooloola National Park and Noosa National Park.


Cairns is another super popular holiday destination for travellers of all ages. As you’ll come to expect from Queensland, Cairns is also stunningly beautiful. It is also known as the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef thanks to its proximity to the natural beauty spot, and offers endless ways to enjoy the water and its wildlife. Whether you’re into yachting, snorkelling, zip lining, hiking, or just simply lying on a beach, you’ll more than likely enjoy what Cairns has to offer.

Culture, High Country, and Culinary Delights: Discover Victoria

If you’re visiting Australia from overseas, it might be tempting to head straight for the scorching far north to make the very most of the glorious Aussie weather. However, you’ll be missing out if you skip what’s in the cooler south. From skiing to road tripping to becoming a coffee snob, here’s just some of the things you can get up to in Victoria.

The Great Ocean Road

Windows down, tunes blaring, cruising by the ocean; it’s the ultimate road trip scenario. Take this dream to the next level with a trip along the Great Ocean Road, along the wild and beautiful south coast of Victoria. The well-known route consists of 243kms of coastal road taking you past gigantic cliffs, rainforests, and surfing beaches. The road spans between the cities of Torquay and Allansford, but you can join the route in your camper van hire wherever suits you best. Look out especially for the Twelve Apostles, an impressive collection of naturally formed rock statues that rise out of the ocean right next to your route on the Great Ocean Road.


If you’re starting your Aussie campervan rental adventure in Victoria, you might well be flying into Melbourne Airport. Once you’ve grabbed the keys for your new vehicle, don’t scoot off too fast! Melbourne is full of exciting things to see, do, eat, and drink, and definitely worth a visit before you hit the road. The city is known among residents and visitors to be the most European of all the Australian cities, with some of the most interesting architecture and a widely recognised and respected art scene. Melbourne’s food scene is also world famous, and whether it’s the interior of their brunch cafés, the exquisite degustation menus in their hatted restaurants, or their mind-blowing latte art, the city’s standards will blow you away.

High Country

Another real highlight to hit with caravan rental in Victoria is the High Country. This area is in the northeast of the state and home to some of Australia’s most spectacular mountains, valleys, and other natural beauty spots. Whether you visit in summer or winter, you’ll be treated to glorious scenery and plenty of opportunity for adventure sports. In warmer weather, you could hit up the trails and hike 32km across the peaks of the Victorian Alps. In winter, there are a number of well-operated ski resorts complete with instructors, gear rental, and accommodation to get you sorted for some time on the slopes.

Explore the Sights of South Australia from the Comfort of your Campervan Rental

With all the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities and tourist trails, South Australia is the place to go to really get away from it all. If you’re looking for deserted horizons, open roads, and personal encounters with Aussie wildlife, set your sights on South Australia!

Kangaroo Island

One of the most exciting things about campervan rentals in Australia is the range of unique wildlife that can be spotted while you’re on your travels. Naturally, your chances of spotting native creatures are much higher the further you head away from the cities, but you’ll still have to keep your eyes peeled as you drive. Luckily for wildlife spotters, there is also another option! Kangaroo Island, just 45 minutes from the closest port of Cape Jervis, is an animal lover’s paradise, with a high concentration of some of the nation’s most loved and well-protected wildlife. The island is the third largest island off the coast of mainland Australia, so you won’t be battling for space with other visitors! Get your binoculars out as you could spot pelicans, koalas, sea lions, and kangaroos among other species.

Mount Gambier

Halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide, you’ll find the city of , Mount Gambier. If you’re making the drive in your motorhome or campervan, the trip should take around five hours and will take you through some of Australia’s most beautiful scenery. Mount Gambier is set in a stunning volcanic area, with sink holes, crater lakes, and caves to explore. Head to the gloriously coloured Blue Lake, hike up to , Cenetary Tower, or test your nerves with a spot of cave diving! If the outdoor adventures tire you out, there are also plenty of more leisurely attractions as well as delicious food and drink spots.


It may sometimes be known as the ‘City of Churches,’ but don’t let that put you off paying Adelaide a visit. Although it might not be on a par with its trendy neighbour Melbourne quite yet, there’s definitely far more to this city than places of worship. In recent years Adelaide has undergone a huge transformation, with the addition of scores of new bars, restaurants, and venues. With a laid back but sophisticated atmosphere, there’s plenty to do in Adelaide to amuse visitors of all ages, from the Adelaide Zoo to the South Australian Museum.

Explore a Slice of Wilderness with Campervan hire in Tasmania

Just a short hop from the south coast of the mainland is the island state of Tasmania, home to some of the country’s wildest and most beautiful landscapes. If you’re an Aussie resident, a trip to Tasmania can be a great way to have a holiday without having to venture too far afield, as the landscapes and tranquil atmosphere are a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Australia’s major cities. Hiring campervans in Tasmania is one of the best ways to fully explore the area and make the most of being in the great outdoors. Pick up a Winnebago hire in Tassie and start planning your island adventure.

Lake St Clair National Park

With glacier sculpted gorges, sparkling lakes, and rugged plains, Lake St Clair National Park is just waiting to be hiked, climbed, and explored. The park, which comes complete with the photogenic Cradle Mountain, is one of Tasmania’s most popular visitor attractions. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about bumping into too many tourists, as the area spans more than 1262 square km. This park is a great place for all types of adventurers, but those who are up for a challenge will particularly like the famous Overland Track, 65km of scenic trail walking from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair.

Freycinet Peninsula

Tasmania is also famous for its beautiful coastlines. While, for some of the year, it might be a little too cold to take a dip in the sea, the views of the beaches in Tassie will more than make up for it. One of the most famous is the Freycinet Peninsula in Freycinet National Park, where you’ll find bays and landforms of all shapes and sizes, including the stunning Wine Glass Bay. This area is another great place to explore with your camper van or caravan hire, and if you’re hoping to take part in outdoor sports you’ll have the added bonus of extra room to throw your gear in the back.

Wander Western Australia with Cheap Campervan Rental

Considering the West of Australia takes up an entire third of the whole country, it’s no surprise that there is a huge range of things to see and do in this state. This is where to come meet some of Australia’s most elusive wildlife, witness some of the most outstanding rock formations, and be blown away by the sheer enormity of the place. For a true outback experience, take your campervan to Wild Western Australia.

The Bungle Bungle Range

Western Australia is famous for having some pretty crazy rock formations, but this one has gained itself a worldwide reputation. Located in the Purnululu National Park in the northwest section of the state, the Bungle Bungle Range is a series of dome shaped rock formations, said to date back more than 350 million years ago. You can choose to explore this national park and its famous inhabitants however you wish; by foot, 4X4 tour, or even by scenic helicopter or flight.

Cape le Grand National Park

If you came to Western Australia to get a real taste of the wilderness, then you’re in the right place. Another gem to discover on your travels through this state is the Cape le Grand National Park, which you’ll find about an hour from the city of Esperance in the Golden Outback. This national park is one of the few places on earth where you’re likely to find a family of kangaroos sunbaking on the beach; just another benefit of the remoteness of the place. The rest of the national park also makes for a great place to visit, with picturesque camping spots and walking and climbing trails.


While the list of natural wonders in Western Australia could go on and on, that’s not to say that there’s no civilisation there, too. On the contrary, WA is home to more than 1.6 million people, most of whom live in the southwest corner. The capital city, Perth, is a fun, sunny place to visit with glorious beaches, plenty of open space, and close proximity to nature trails. The city has also undergone a huge transformation in recent years, and you’ll notice hundreds of colourful wall paintings dotted around the streets as well as cool bars and restaurants. Another highlight of a visit to Perth is how close it is to Rottnest Island, famous for being home to the world’s unofficial cutest animal; the quokka! The island is accessible by ferry, just a short ride away from Perth, and is a great place for a day trip. It’s car-free though, so leave your campervan hire on the shore.

What to Expect from Your Campervan Hire in Australia

Once you’ve picked your campervan of dreams from the selection brought to you by DriveNow, all the hard work is pretty much done. While you’re planning your itinerary, here are just a few extra things to bear in mind to make sure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible.

Parking Your Campervan Hire in Australia

The beauty of hiring campervans in Australia is the freedom to be able to move around from place to place. Although it would be fabulous to be able to park up exactly where you wish, it’s important to know that it’s not always possible. There are certainly many places across Australia and New Zealand where you are more than welcome to park up, but there are also many that are privately owned, and parking there could lead to some awkward conversations! The best thing to do is to look up the area in which you are hoping to park to establish whether it has been allocated as a camping zone, or head to a designated camp or holiday park. The added benefit to these parks is that you have access to all the facilities you need, including water, power, and toilets. Depending on how luxurious you want your holiday to be, you can even find holiday parks with swimming pools, Wi-Fi, and other creature comforts so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on relaxation!

Parts, Pieces, and Accessories for your Australian Campervan Rental

These days, camper vans are often so intelligently designed that it’s almost unbelievable how much can be packed inside and neatly stored away. The DriveNow fleet are no exception, as all vehicles are equipped with all the essentials you’ll need for eating and sleeping comfortably while still leaving plenty of space for you to move around. Just make sure to have a quick look through your booking with your chosen operator before you set off, as there also may be the option to rent extra items like outdoor furniture.

Finding the best Campervan Deal

The trick to finding the best price on Campervan hire is to book earlier. Rental rates are lower when booking in advance and during peak periods such as Christmas, Easter and even school holidays prices go up and vehicles are harder to come by. By booking well in advance you will secure the vehicle you want at the best price and with DriveNow (in most instances) there is nothing to pay until 6 weeks out from your holiday. There's no Sales gimmick or spin here, booking early really is the best tip and really does save $$$s.

Minimum Rental period

Unlike Cars, Campervan and Motorhome rental days are charged on a per calendar day basis and the minimum rental period is 5 days. However, there are some local branch exceptions to this, particularly around popular events such as the Bathurst 1000 (Sydney) or MotoGP race on Phillip Island (Melbourne). One-Way rentals are often subject to a 7 day minimum and One-Way Relocation deals will each have their own minimum and maximum day allocations.

One Way Campervan Relocations

If you have a flexible timetable and happy to travel at short notice then Campervan Relocation Rental deals are just the ticket for you! With relocations starting from $5 per day the savings are simply huge and the Campervan companies will often throw in free fuel. Sound too good to be true? Visit our One Way Campervan Rental page and discover the secrets of Campervan Relocation deals.

Hiring a Motorhome in Australia and New Zealand?

If you are planning on hiring a Motorhome in both Australia and New Zealand many rental companies offer additional discounts when bookings are made at the same time and the pick up dates are within 3 months. Contact a member of the DriveNow team to learn more.