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Compare and book cheap Campervan Hire in Australia

Find, compare and book the cheapest campervan and motorhome rental deals in Australia and beyond.

What better way to explore Australia than hiring a campervan and taking off on your own self-drive adventure. With the freedom of a self-driving road holiday coupled with the added security of self-contained accommodation there really has never been a better opportunity to discover that piece of Australia you've always wanted to experience.

For those new to the idea of hiring and driving a RV, campervan or motorhome for a holiday you're in for a pleasant surprise. Not only are they are superbly equipped, but they are also surprisingly easy to drive, come with all the safety features and driving aids we expect today, the vast majority are automatic transmission and all can be driven on a regular car driving license. From budget 2 berth campers through to luxury 2,4 and 6 berth RV motorhomes, there's something for everyone with every traveller and every travelling budget catered for.

During the Australian winter months the most popular road holiday destinations have always been in the north, Alice Springs, Broome, Darwin, Cairns and all points between. Whereas spring through autumn is traditionally a time to focus on the southern states.

Often we forget what's on our doorsteps for international travel adventures further afield. Hire a campervan out of Sydney and head south along the Princes Highway on the coast towards Melbourne. Kick a trip off from Melbourne and head to Adelaide but take the slow route and travel along the Great Ocean Road to explore the 12 Apostles, Port Fairy, Mount Gambier, Robe and South-East of South Australia. For those in Western Australia, there is so much to choose from; Perth down to Margaret River seems tame in comparison to the vastness of a road trip up the west coast to Broome, but southwest WA offers stunning landscapes and pristine beaches, not forgetting world class wineries. Tasmania has to be one of the world's most beautiful and unspoiled destinations. And Queensland, where the sun rarely stops shining, is perfect to visit almost any day of the year and home to one of the most popular campervan rental trips, Brisbane to Cairns along the Bruce Highway.

At DriveNow we take the effort out of comparing and booking campervan hire in Australia and elsewhere. We offer the widest choice of Australian campervan rental providers and have been working with the biggest and best brands in the market since 2003.

Frequently asked questions on hiring a Campervan in Australia

What's the minimum age to rent a campervan in Australia?

21. However some companies such as Jucy, Lucky and Spaceships have a minimum age of 18. A young driver fee may be applied. Other providers rent specific vehicles to 18+.

When's the best time to rent a campervan in Australia?

October through to May in the southern states with December-March being the most popular, whilst for Broome, Cairns and Darwin the best period is June through to September during the dry season.

Do I require a special license to hire and drive a campervan?

No. Campervan, Motorhome or RV vehicles can be driven using a standard car driving license. The license must be current, full and valid for at least 12 months, without any restrictions. Probationary licenses are not accepted although some suppliers allow Australian Green Plate (P2) license holders (age restrictions apply). Your license must be presented when collecting your rental vehicle along with the licenses of any additional drivers.

Driver licenses must be in English or supported by a certified translation or international driving permit. For non-English language-based driving licenses an International Driving Permit is required along with your official driver's license from the issuing country. Without these documents you will be denied access to the vehicle.

Can I book and pay for a campervan rental on behalf of someone else?

The online booking must be made in the name of the driver that will sign the rental agreement and collect the vehicle. The credit card used for payment must be in the name of the main hirer.

Where can I hire a campervan in Australia?

Branches can be found across the country and are often conveniently located close to airports. These locations include:

  • New South Wales - Sydney
  • Northern Territory - Alice Springs and Darwin
  • Queensland - Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast
  • South Australia - Adelaide
  • Tasmania - Hobart
  • Victoria - Melbourne
  • Western Australia - Perth and Broome

Are campervan branches open all year round in Australia?

Because of the differing climates in Australia some branches close or operate under restricted hours during the off-peak season, particularly in northern Australia. Branches closed during the wet season (December - March) include Broome and Darwin, whilst in Cairns and Alice Springs some providers operate reduced hours during this period.

What kind of campervans can be hired?

The range of vehicles available includes 2, 3, 4 and 6 berth campervans and motorhomes from budget through to luxury top of the range models. Also available are fully equipped 4 wheel drive campers.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes. 4WDs, Campervan and Motorhome rental days are charged on a per calendar day basis and the minimum rental period is 5 days. However, there are some local branch exceptions to this, particularly around popular events such as the Bathurst 1000 (Sydney) or MotoGP race on Phillip Island (Melbourne) and often over the Christmas and Easter periods. One-Way rentals can be subject to a 7 day minimum and One-Way Relocation deals will each have their own minimum and maximum day allocations.

Can Children travel in the rear of a Motorhome?

Children over 8 are able to travel in all campervans/motorhomes that have enough seatbelts for them. Children under 8 will require a vehicle able to fit a child seat or booster, please make sure to check the "more details" page to view if the vehicle can support child seats before booking.

Do I have to book a campsite with power?

It is recommended. Most items within your vehicle will be able to operate on either the 12V battery or gas. The exception is the air-conditioning, microwave and any power points in the vehicles. The length of time that the battery will last depends on a number of factors, including your usage of the lights, TV and fridge. Vehicles are equipped with solar panels to assist with charging the house battery while stationary. Driving the vehicle for long durations will also recharge the battery.

From a practical point of view, we recommend that you plug in to a powered site at least every second or third night. This will enable the auxiliary batteries to recharge.

To prolong your freedom camping experience, try to keep the fridge closed as much as possible. A good tip is to keep the fridge filled, even by using recycled bottles filled with water, and turning the fridge to a lower setting. Parking the vehicle in the shade can also reduce power consumption.

Please note you will have to book a campsite with power 240V (most of them are concrete but grass is fine) so you can recharge the vehicle overnight. Dump station and waste disposal will be available on the tablet in the camper to locate where they are.

More commonly asked questions can be found on our Campervan FAQ page.

Why Use DriveNow to hire a Campervan?

Our partners include trusted brands such as Apollo, Britz, Camperman, Cheapa Campa, Crusin', Go Cheap, Hippie Campers, Jucy, Let's Go, Lucky, Maui, Maui Elite, Mighty, Spaceships, Star RV, Tasmania Campers and Travellers Autobarn giving you an unrivalled variety of makes, models, and sizes to pick and choose from, to ensure you find the cheapest campervan, RV, motorhome or 4 wheel drive that meets your requirements. With pick-up locations across the country, you’ll be able to grab the keys at a spot that’s convenient for you to get your trip started quickly and on the right foot.

In addition to this great selection and convenience, you’ll also get the best pricing on the market. Our comparison service is impartial and unbiased, and the prices you see are always the best available, backed up by our lowest price guarantee. There's no need to worry about hidden charges or fees, as the price you see is what you get. All this adds up to convenient and cheap campervan hire that will help you have a smooth start to your travels.

  • Access Australia's leading campervan rental providers
  • Australia’s widest choice of rental brands and vehicles
  • We guarantee the best rental rates
  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • Rates includes all taxes and levies (excluding NZ Diesel tax)
  • Experience - We've been helping travellers book campervan rental in Australia since 2003

Hiring a RV, campervan or motorhome in Australia is an unforgettable way to experience the country. DriveNow have been helping happy campers gain access to the perfect vehicle for almost two decades, and are ready and waiting to help you find yours.

Ready to book? Simply enter your dates of travel, decide on the make and model of your campervan rental, and place your reservation. It couldn’t be simpler! Thank you for considering DriveNow for your travel plans.

Top Campervanning Tips

  • Plan your driving itinerary before you travel. Australia has a diverse range of environments so do your research prior to setting out on your journey. Share the driving and take a break every couple of hours, rest areas on the main highways are located every 80 to 100 kilometres.
  • Cheapest day of the week to refuel in Australia is on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Booking early provides you with the best choice of vehicles and availability - especially during peak travelling times.
  • Pack a power board when travelling so you can recharge a number of electrical appliances at the one time (phones, iPads, laptops, camera, torch, shaver, etc).
  • Pack your belongings in soft bags as opposed to bulky suitcases, you’ll give yourself more room for other essential items.
  • Travelling with soft luggage is the easiest way to store bags in the storage compartments.
  • When travelling during the peak holiday season, booking your holiday park with a powered site or camp grounds is essential.
  • When you arrive at the branch, you will get to meet your new home with a personalised show-through by one of the branch staff, they will tell you all the in’s and out’s of making the most of your campervan. So make sure you arrive at the branch for check-in at least an hour before closing time.
  • When travellers finish their journey, many have items left over which they donated to the branch. Before heading off to the supermarket, check with the team at the branch if they have any items available. (items such as – cooking oil, salt & pepper, tea & coffee, sugar, spices, tin foil, cling wrap, sunscreen, insect repellent, rubbish bags, washing powder, washing detergent)
  • If you are travelling on an international licence or have a certified translation, you are also required to bring your official home country drivers license.
  • If you are picking up and dropping off at the same location (ie. Sydney to Sydney), many of the branches will allow you to leave your empty bags at the branch in their store room, when storage room space is available. This will allow you to unpack your luggage to store directly in the vehicle, giving you more space.
  • If you are collecting the vehicle from your hometown, collect the vehicle the day before you head off on your holiday so you can pack the vehicle from your home and do the reverse at the end of your trip.

Overnight Parking your Campervan

Australia offers a rich and wide variety of holiday parks and many our of rental partners have agreements offering discounted rates with some of the larger Holiday Park organisations. Big 4 Holiday parks and Top Tourist both cover Australia and offer excellent recreational services including powered sites and wastewater disposal facilities.

Parts, Pieces, and Accessories for your Australian Campervan Rental

These days, campervans are often so intelligently designed that it’s almost unbelievable how much can be packed inside and neatly stored away. Our partners' fleets are no exception, as vehicles are equipped with all the essentials that you’ll need for eating and sleeping comfortably while still leaving plenty of space for you to move around. Just make sure to have a quick look through your booking with your chosen operator before you set off, as there also may be the option to rent extra items like outdoor furniture.

How to Find the best Campervan Deal

The trick to finding the best price on Campervan hire is to book earlier. Rental rates are lower when booking in advance and during peak periods such as Christmas, Easter and even school holidays prices go up and vehicles are harder to come by. By booking well in advance you will secure the vehicle you want at the best price with the widest choice and availability.

One Way Campervan Relocations

If you have a flexible timetable and happy to travel at short notice then Campervan Relocation Rental deals are just the ticket for you! With relocations starting from $5 per day the savings are simply huge and the Campervan companies will often throw in free fuel.

Hiring a Campervan in Australia and New Zealand?

If you are planning on hiring a campervan in both Australia and New Zealand many rental companies offer additional discounts when bookings are made at the same time and the pick-up dates are within 3 months. Contact a member of the DriveNow team to learn more.