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What to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is often called the smallest metropolis in the world, yet there is still plenty to do. Renowned for its status as a financial hub, there's still much to see on a visit to Frankfurt. The city is filled with cultural locations with the museum embankment being a particular highlight. Packed along the Main river, on the southern bank alone there are nine exhibition buildings in a row. They vary heavily from the German Museum of Architecture to the Museum of World Culture. There's even a museum for historically great German films, ensuring that regardless of your passion, there will be something along this stretch of culture for you.

Frankfurt is well known as the Eurozone's financial capital and home to the European Central Bank as well as some of the world's largest stock exchanges. But it's not all about Euros and cents. It also hosts the largest motorcar and book fairs in the world in September and October respectively. There are plenty of museums to visit, not to mention all the parks and green spaces such as the Gardens of Nice and Palmengarten, and the botanical gardens. For those looking for panoramic views try out the 200 metre Main Tower with its 360 degree viewing deck.

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Common Questions

What age do I need to be to hire a car in Frankfurt (and Germany)? In Germany you can hire a car if you are over 18. However, you must have held a full and unrestricted licence for at least 12 months prior.

Younger drivers may be subject to other conditions. Most rental companies will insist those under 25 purchase collision damage waiver (excess insurance reduction).

There may also be a young driver surcharge, but this varies depending on your rental car provider and the location. It also pays to note that some rental companies will have an upper age limit. This is usually set at 73. If you are a young or elderly driver leave a note in the comment section so DriveNow's reservation team can get in touch and let you know if you could be subject to any restrictions.

Can I use my home country's driving license to rent a car? As long as your full licence is printed using the Latin alphabet, you can use it to hire a car. This includes English, French, Spanish and Italian among others. However, if your licence is in a non-Latin based language you will need to organise an International driving licence in your home country.

It is always advisable to carry your passport when driving and also when collecting your vehicle.

What are some of the basic road rules in Germany? German drivers keep to the right and use the metric system, so speed and distance are measured in kilometres and fuel in litres.

There are speed limits in place in most places. Along rural areas this is 100km/h, while in built-up or urban areas this is usually 50 km/h. Keep an eye out for speed signs, however, as this is just a guide.

For the most part, along the famous autobahns there is no speed limit. However, in some signposted areas you must keep below 130 km/h. This includes certain highways as well.

If there is any construction you must keep to the speed limit. Be aware that speed cameras do operate and you will be liable for any speed or traffic infringements incurred during your hire period. Car rental companies often charge an administration fee ontop of the fine - a double whammy.

When on the autobahn, remember you can only overtake on the left as the right lanes are for the slower vehicles. Overtaking on the right is illegal.

A sign with a yellow diamond at an intersection indicated you have the right of way. A sign with a white triangle with a red border you must give way to any oncoming traffic. If an intersection has no sign then a vehicle entering from the right has the right of way.

What other rules should I be aware of? When you are in your car rental in Frankfurt, passengers in both the front and back seats must wear seatbelts.

Children below the height of 135cm must sit in an approved child restraint that is suitable for their weight and height. This must be fitted in the back seat. If you require a child or booster seat, include it in your initial booking as there is often high demand for these items.

As with most countries around the world talking on your mobile phone (unless hands free) while driving is illegal.