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Shinju Matsuri Festival

Shinju Matsuri is Japanese for the ‘Festival of the Pearl’, and is a culmination of three cultural groups, the Japanese Obon Matsuri, Malaysian Hari Merdeka and the Chinese Hang Seng. The festival derives its name from Broome’s early days, where giant pearl shells grew along the unspoiled and untouched waters of the Kimberley coast.

Therefore, established in 1970, the festival celebrates the myriad of cultures that came to Broome at this time, including Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Koepangers and Europeans. Shinju Matsuri showcases both local and international talent to encourage the education of Broome’s rich history. Events include performing arts, lantern festivals, and cultural nights, ensuring there is something for everyone!

Broome is in the region of The Kimberley, which has spectacular gorges, vast wildlife sanctuaries and thundering waterfalls. The perfect way to access all the Western Australia has to offer is through a campervan. There is so much to discover, and the freedom through taking your bed with you means you won’t miss anything!

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Many campervans offer double beds, all-inclusive kitchens, bathrooms and plenty of space to ensure that you enjoy your trip in comfort. There are also many Camper locations that provide powered sites! The closest pick-up location is in Broome.


Shinju Matsuri – Festival of the Pearl


Saturday 2nd September to Sunday 10th September 2017


Broome, Western Australia

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