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Compare Prices of Car Hire in the USA with DriveNow

Book your next US car rental with DriveNow and you are guaranteed the lowest available rate.

Searching the web for the latest car rental deals in the US or any country can be time consuming at the best of times, so let DriveNow help you save time, effort and money. Through partnerships with major US rental companies including Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and SIXT, DriveNow brings the cheapest US Car Rental pricing and special deals all onto the one website.

We don't charge booking or admin fees and there’s no need to provide credit card details when making your booking. Simply book your car and pay when you pick it up. Best of all, by booking in advance not only do you have the peace of mind of a confirmed booking you will also secure a cheaper rate than leaving it to the last minute. Search, compare and save on rental locations across all 50 US states including popular tourist locations such as Orlando Airport for Disney World, Miami, New York's JFK Airport, Chicago, Los Vegas, Los Angeles and many more.

Why choose DriveNow to Book your USA Car Hire?

  • Price - We check for the cheapest available rental rates
  • No Fees - We do not charge any booking, admin or other agency fees
  • Trusted Suppliers - We only work with leading US Car rental agencies
  • No Credit Card Details Required when making a booking (with most suppliers)
  • Simplicity - Search and compare with instant rate comparisons
  • Immediate Booking confirmation
  • Drive-away Prices including all taxes and levies (excludes drivers under 25 surcharge)
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Trust and Experience - DriveNow has been providing the best deals in Car Rental since 2003
  • Australian based, owned and operated

At DriveNow we pride ourselves in our customer service and understand that it's not just about finding the best online deal. Our reservations team are there to help and answer your questions. We actively seek your feedback to continuously improve the level of service and support we deliver.

The secret behind finding the best Car Hire Deals in the USA or anywhere else!
The secret to finding the cheapest car hire deals is surprisingly simple .... Book Early.
Hiring a car is in many ways just like buying an airline ticket. If you book during peak periods such as school holidays, Christmas or Easter, the prices will be higher. Pricing will also vary between locations and will depend on the vehicle you want to rent and its availability. With no payment required until you collect your car, it doesn't cost you a cent to book early but may end up saving you more than a few dollars.

Common Questions

How old must I be to rent a car in the USA?
The majority of car rental companies require drivers to be over 25 and under 70 in order to hire a car. However some do provide for younger drivers in the 21-25 age bracket, the catch being a surcharge fee and restrictions on the type and size of rental cars available (generally smaller vehicles). As these fees and restrictions vary between rental companies we suggest checking the total price breakdown to determine the costs associated with the younger driver.

What driving license do I require to rent a car in the USA?
You can rent a car using your own driving license as long as it is in English and is full with no endorsements. Non-English language licenses should be supported by an international Driving Permit. Ensure that you carry your license whenever driving as US traffic authorities are sticklers for documentation.

Understanding US Roads
Traffic in the US drives on the right and distance and speed are measured in miles. Fuel, known as "Gas", is delivered in gallons and is generally cheaper than other western countries. It is common to pay for fuel before filling your tank. Whilst speed limits vary between states, Freeways in the West operate up to 75mph (121kph) whilst Eastern States are 70mph (113kph). Some states operate minimum speed limits on their freeways and turnpikes.

Car Hire - Automatic or Manual Transmission?
The majority of rental cars in the US come equipped with automatic transmission.

Car Hire payment
You will be required to pay for your vehicle using a credit card.

Am I required to use a Seatbelt in the USA?
Mandatory seatbelt usage varies from state to state with some states imposing fines for non-seatbelt usage. It is advisable to wear your seatbelt when driving.

Mobile Phones and Sat-Nav Guidance
Many US states prohibit the use of hands-free as well as hand-held mobile phones. Check when picking up your vehicle on local rules.