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Find Great Deals on Campervan Hire in the USA

ELEVEN. That's the score the US hits on the world's guide to Motorhome rental 1-to-10 table. If any country lends itself so perfectly to Motorhome Hire it is the USA. There is simply no better way to explore this land of rich diversity than hiring a motorhome in the US. With a road infrastructure that is both comprehensive and widespread, cheap fuel and abundance of choice the US offers the ultimate for road holidaymakers. There is literally too much to do and explore in one hit.

As is the American way nothing is done in halves and when it comes to renting motorhomes no stone is left unturned ensuring that the US Motorhome Hire market is one of the most luxurious and yet affordable in the world. The idea of renting a motorhome and driving coast to coast in the US is a popular one for both locals and visitors, and with DriveNow we can help you find that perfect vehicle and turn that ideal into a reality.

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A bit about us. DriveNow has been comparing and booking Motorhome & Campervan rentals for travellers since 2003. With long established relationships, our Motorhome Rental partners in the US include world renowned and trusted providers such as Britz, El Monte, Jucy and Roadbear all of whom epitomise the very best in motorhome holiday service and delivery.

Whilst the internet makes it easier to research, compare and book travel, a core part of our mission statement is not only to provide the best pricing and choice but to also provide the best customer service and personal touch. That's why we have a dedicated Reservations team on hand to assist with your questions and bookings.

Whilst the US is no doubt the home of monster Motorhomes with every bell and conceivable whistle there's still plenty of place for more traditional 2, 4 and 6 berth vehicles in the rental market space. Some of the top of the range rentals have slide-outs expanding the vehicle width-ways for extra overnight space and, especially popular with family travel, a down the back separate double bedroom with privacy door. All come with kitchens, bathrooms with showers and plenty of space.

For those looking to explore the US on a budget the Jucy Champ is a great option. This custom built vehicle sleeps 4, 2 on top and 2 below, and comes kitchen equipped with cooker burners, fridge and sink in a surprisingly spacious compact vehicle from as little as US$50 per day in the off-speak season (during peak summer this rate more than doubles).

So for choice there's plenty to look at. Let's tackle local terminology and local referencing - some are obvious and some less so.

  • In the US, Campervan is not a widely used term. Recreational Vehicle or RV is more commonly used to describe Motorhome vehicles
  • Berth refers to the number of travellers that can be accommodated in a vehicle - a 4 berth motorhome can accommodate 4 travellers - it does not refer to the number of beds in a vehicle
  • Petrol is referred to as Gas or gasoline and is delivered in gallons with approximately 3.7 litres to a gallon
  • Distances are in miles and the US drives on the right

Motorhome hire in the US operates differently to other parts of the world. Particularly when compared to the southern hemisphere where rental pricing is listed as drive-away with only optional extras excluded from the booking price. In the US the listed prices do not include an array of deemed optional - but in fact - essential extras. The US approach slices and dices to provide more options. Cost wise the end result is still often cheaper when compared to other countries but requires that you go through the process of selecting & purchasing options. The rates returned when searching for US motorhome rental on the DriveNow website covers the basic vehicle rental only. Here's a list of the most important optional extras that need to be considered in addition to the rental prices:

  • Mileage - Rental vehicles come with minimal free mileage - Mileage packages are an essential purchase - the alternative is a per mile charge (from US$0.25).
  • Convenience Packages - Break down into Bedding, Kitchen and Every Day Essentials packs
  • Additional Rental items - includes Child seats, table & chairs, generators and satellite navigation devices
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplemental Liability Insurance - given how litigious the US can be these are prudent additions to consider in addition to personal travel and medical insurance cover. As a standard policy, a basic insurance policy is included in the daily rental of motorhomes in the US. Most often, these provide cover up to what are termed 'State Mandated Minimums'. This affords only the most basic of cover to property and individuals and the hirer will be exposed to costs in an accident. All companies offer additional insurance liability reduction options, most commonly termed Supplemental Liability Insurance, Collision Damage Waiver.

Our Reservations Team are here to help with any questions you may have and assist with your booking. Thank you for considering DriveNow in your US holiday plans and enjoy your adventure!

Common Questions on US Motorhome hire

How old must I be to rent a motorhome in the US?

This varies - 25 through to 79 is the norm. Some providers such as Jucy allow from 21.

Can I change my Booking?

Yes, however there may be a cost. DriveNow charge no fees for any booking amendments, however the rental companies themselves do impose conditions. Some offer one free change 60+ days before travel whilst others charge $50 per change which rises the closer to your pick-up date.

What happens if I need to cancel my Booking?

DriveNow does not charge any cancellation fees, however the rental companies charge a sliding scale of cancellation fees depending how far out from departure date the cancellation is made. This ranges from 20% to 100% of the booking cost.

Travel & Medical Insurance

Anyone travelling to the US needs to consider travel insurance particularly comprehensive medical insurance. The quality of medical treatment is world leading - so is the cost - it is astronomical and insurance cover is essential.

Collecting your Motorhome

If you arrive off an international or trans-continental flight for safety reasons some providers do not allow collection of your motorhome home on the same day. You need to contact your rental provider by phone generally between 8.30am and 10am on the day of your pick-up to schedule a pick-up time. Allow a minimum of 1 hour for collection as they show you through the vehicle.

Travel Restrictions

There are varying travel restrictions imposed where vehicles cannot be taken. Breaching these restrictions voids insurance cover and may incur additional costs. These do differ between suppliers so check when collecting your vehicle. Travel is restricted in:

  • Death Valley - The name gives it way - due to extreme summer temperatures of up to 60C, travel is not permitted between May and September
  • New York City & Manhattan - No travel
  • Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa - risk of motorhome theft means vehicles are not to be parked within city limits
  • Alaska & North Canadian Provinces - Some restrictions, El Monte permits use but at hirer's risk - limited cover
  • Mexico - some suppliers have blanket bans whilst others (El Monte) allow at hirer's risk with purchase of Mexico Auto Liability Insurance. No cover for repairs, loss of use - limited cover
  • Off-road - No travel on unsealed, gravel or logging roads & tracks
  • Drive Through and Parking structures - due to risk of overhead damage vehicles cannot be taken through Drive Thrus or within parking buildings

Can I get a refund on unused Mileage Packages?

No. Mileage packages are paid for when collecting your rental vehicle and unused mileage is not refunded.

What happens if I have a traffic or parking violation?

Report it to the rental company when dropping off your vehicle. As the hirer you are liable for all such fines. Failing to report these at drop-ff will incur an administration fee. This fee along with any late charges and the fine will be charged to your credit card.

Smoking in vehicles?

All vehicles are smoke free with high cleaning charges applicable.