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Explore Tasmania with Campervan hire from DriveNow

DriveNow makes Tasmania campervan hire in Hobart or Launceston and other sites around the Apple Isle an absolute breeze. You can take care of sorting out a motorhome rental in Tasmania with just a few clicks or taps on your favourite device whenever it suits you, knocking out transportation and accommodation arrangements in one fell swoop. Just punch in what matters most to you, whether it be size, price, brand, or something else, and browse and compare a huge list of options from some of the most trusted brands in the business.

You’ll find Campervans and 4x4s from providers such as Maui, Cruisin, Tasmania Campers, Jucy, Britz, Apollo and many more. That means less time digging around the internet for vehicles, not to mention accommodation, and more time spent planning your itinerary so you make sure you hit all the highlights during your holiday!

Sounds pretty good, right? Once you’ve found the campervan in Tasmania for you, start plotting course for these awesome areas.

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Compare and Book Cheap Campervan Rental in Tasmania

When you use DriveNow for campervan rental in Tasmania, you make finding vehicles from major suppliers at great prices that much easier. You can quickly browse what’s on offer from proven brands such as Apollo, Britz, Cruisin, Cheapa Campa, Go Cheap, Maui, Maui Elite and Tasmania Campers, so you have a clear picture of the different size, shape and features of available vehicles and their rates. Hobart is the major collection and drop off point in Tassie with most campervan branches being located close to or within the perimeter of Hobart Airport making things super convenient for interstate or overseas visitors.

DriveNow’s lowest price guarantee also means you’ll be able to keep your cash for more important parts of your trip, such as sampling the glorious wines of the Tamar Valley or indulging in amazing treats in Launceston and Hobart. You won’t get caught out with surprise fees, as the price you see when you book is the price you get.

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Thank you for considering DriveNow for your Tasmanian Campervan or Motorhome holiday. We've been helping travellers find the best rental deals on campervans in Tasmania and around Australia since 2003 and appreciate your interest. If you need any assistance or have any questions please reach out to our Reservations team via online chat, email and on 1300 547 214 or the other phone numbers at the bottom of this page.

Get Ready for Your Tasmania Campervan Trip

Being able to compare and contrast excellent options for campervan hire in Tasmania with DriveNow is one of the first steps in planning an awesome holiday. But that’s just a start. Next, you need to get the rest of your trip sorted out. Here are some things to keep in mind so you can go into your camper voyage to Tassie with your eyes wide open.

Parking Your Motorhome in Tasmania

There are heaps of great places to set up your campervan for a night (or more) in Tassie Source:

One of the greatest benefits of campervan hire is the mobility it provides, both in terms of transportation and accommodation. But just because you have the power to make pretty much any place you can park your home for the night doesn’t mean that you should. Pulling over and spending the night wherever you want isn’t a great idea for a few reasons. For one, it might not be safe. For another, it might not be legal. You don’t want to trespass on somebody’s land or impose on the protected natural habitat of our furry Tasmanian friends! Stick to specific camping areas (such as the ones we’ve conveniently listed for you!) and you’ll be in good shape. Not only will you be on the right side of the law, you’ll have access to wonderful amenities and playing areas for your young travellers along with beautiful surrounds.

Parts, Pieces, and Accessories for your Tasmania Campervan Rental

Having your accommodation with you at all times means you’ll have plenty of space to keep all of your things within arm’s reach (or at least close to it). But that’s not all you’ll get. When you rent a campervan in Tasmania from DriveNow, you’ll get more than some sleeping areas, wheels, and shelter. You’ll get all the extras that can help make you feel at home. The tools you need to eat, sleep comfortably, and relax are often included in your rental package. Just to be sure you know what you’re getting, check your listing and/or contact your supplier so you can be clear on what’s included. Many include outdoor seating and sleeping gear that can make relaxing outside of your ride that much more enjoyable. These can not only enhance your trip, but could also save you a lot of packing space and hassle!

Don’t Sweat Driving

Listen, DriveNow understands that a lot of people might not have much, if any, experience driving a motorhome. That’s why we’re here to tell you that you need not be afraid of operating one of our high-quality Tasmania campers! After all, these aren’t massive, clunky machines you’ll be working with. Here at DriveNow, we give you access to a giant range of contemporary vehicles with many of the same features that make today’s popular cars and trucks so beloved. Compare vehicles with power steering, automatic transmissions, and attractive, manageable sizes and shapes today!

Tasmania Weather

The climate in Tassie can vary greatly between the seasons, of which there are four each year. In the winter the average temperature sits between about 3 and 11 degrees Celsius, with summer temperatures during the warmer months of December to March sitting between 17 and 23 degrees.

In terms of precipitation, you won’t encounter too much rain in Hobart, while the west coast of the island features enough wetness to keep the rainforests thriving. That being said, no matter where you are in Tassie, it’s wise to keep a range of clothing on hand when possible. You don’t want to be caught out during a cold snap or surprise deluge!

Where to Park up Your Camper in Tasmania

With DriveNow’s simple, cheap camper hire in Tasmania, you won’t have to worry about finding a spot in a hotel or backpacker hostel around Tassie when you want to rest your head. While there are dozens of awesome places and areas in which to stay, doing all the research, from reading reviews to searching for deals and digging through checklists about what is and isn’t included, can take a huge chunk of time that would be better spent looking forward to your big trip! When you have a motorhome in Tasmania, where you park is your place to stay for the night! And with DriveNow’s stable of solid suppliers, you’ll be getting a camper with comfortable sleeping amenities that will make your decision to skip the lobby all the better.

Here are some great spots in which you can set up shop when you’re ready to take a break and relax, whether it’s for a night or a more extended break from the road.

Discovery Holiday Parks Cradle Mountain

The Discovery Holiday Parks location in Cradle Mountain keeps you close to the region’s action. If you’re into outdoor adventure, it’s sure going to be hard for you to pass up getting a taste of what Cradle Mountain and the area surrounding the range has to offer. And the Discovery Holiday Parks at Cradle Mountain location is an excellent spot to set up base for a healthy stay at this sensational site.

Discovery Holidays Parks have been a mainstay for Australian travellers for years, and you’ll get much of the same dependability and services here. You’ll be able to get your hands on a powered site for your campervan, giving you the juice you need to take full advantage of your vehicle’s capabilities. But that’s the just the start. You’ll be positioned right next to the World Heritage site that is Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park, meaning you’ll always be just a few steps from fun times in the wilderness. It’s also the starting point for the Overland Track for those who are keen to strap on their packs and test themselves on one of the most rewarding walks in the world.

Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park

Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park gives you a chance to fall asleep to the sound of calming, rolling waves. Situated on a peninsula on the northwest corner of the island that reaches out into Sawyer Bay, Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park is a great way to experience yet another part of Tassie. You’ll be right on the water, which will serenade you with waves gently rolling to the shore as you fall asleep. The small village of Stanley sits at the foot of The Nut, a cliff face with walking tracks and a chairlift to its summit, giving you a great vantage point out over the sea.


After Hobart, there’s little doubt that Launceston is the premiere urban centre to visit in Tasmania. Along with an awesome range of food and drink options within the city limits, you’ll also be right next to the revered Tamar Valley and its delicious wineries. Luckily for you and your motorhome hire, there is plenty of room for you to post up while you explore the city and its immediate surrounds. Checkout this Hobart to Launceston self-drive itinerary for some great ideas to explore Tasmania's stunning east coast from historical Port Arthur up to world-renowned Binalong Bay and Bay of Fires.

As with Cradle Mountain, there’s a Discover Holiday Parks in Hadspen Park just south of Launceston near the wonderful Tamar Valley that has the comfort and space mobile travellers have come to know and love throughout the years. Regroup and plan your next steps with Wi-Fi access and laundry services, and let the little ones stretch their legs on the fun playground equipment. The Big4 Launceston campervan park is another great option from a well-known chain amongst travellers that also has something special for the kiddos—a giant jumping pillow!

Put Your Motorhome Hire in Tasmania to Use on these Great Road Trips

Of course having accommodation amenities with you at all times is one of the best things about having the keys to a campervan in Tasmania. But let’s not forget the other major benefit of motorhomes—the wheels! Being able to see different parts of Tassie whenever you want is one of the greatest perks of hiring a campervan. Ready to hit the road? Here are some of the finest routes you can take across this great state.

Tamar Valley

By now you already know there’s a strong collection of delicious reasons to check out the Tamar Valley. But did you also know it’s a perfect place to see during a road trip in your Tasmania camper? Well, believe it. You’ll get a solid stretch of about 60km of the winding Tamar River, the aforementioned orchards and vineyards, and loads of other sensational scenery. We recommend a couple days for this trip, which isn’t super long in terms of kilometres covered, but features plenty of worthwhile stops that can fill up the hours in the blink of an eye!

Your trip begins in Launceston and takes you to the north coast of Tassie to George Town. As you cruise along in your motorhome, the Tamar River on your left provides plenty of excellent window dressing for those who aren’t tasked with keeping their eyes on the road. Along the way you’ll have the chance to stop at a handful of dazzling wineries, sampling the grapes and picking up a few to enjoy once you’ve parked up for the evening. Once you hit George Town, you can explore the town, which served as one of the country’s first settlements. You can even unwind on the beach once you’ve put the keys down for the evening.

Either on the way to George Town or on the way back to Launceston, you can swing across the Tamar River to Beauty Point, which sits on the other side of the winding waterway. This is a place that is especially welcoming for children, with animal experiences at Seahorse World and Platypus House that are perfect for little ones.

Huon Trail

The lush beauty of Hartz Mountains National Park is just one of the treats of a Huon Trail trip Source:

If you’re looking to set off for adventure from Hobart, the Huon Trail could be a good guide for you to follow as you navigate your motorhome hire through the southern part of the island. Starting from the capital, you will make your way through the Huon Valley and its wonderful variety of landscapes. The textures and colours of the visuals outside your window are worth the effort alone, as you’ll be treated to many of the features that make Tassie so great: beautiful aquatic views of the Huon River; the mighty peaks of the Wellington Range; and the wooded areas of Hartz Mountains National Park.

But don’t think you should stay confined to your camper during your voyage. What kind of road trip would that be? A bad one is the answer! Along the way you can stop off at the thrilling Tahune Forest AirWalk, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the region, or head underground to explore the epic Hastings Caves a bit past the town of Dover. If you want, you can push it to the limit and drive all the way to the coastal town of Cockle Creek. That’s the furthest point south you can drive in all of Australia. It’s also the home of a wonderful sandy white beach and crystal clear blue water.

Get a Taste of Nature with These Beautiful Outdoor Areas in Tasmania

One of the best parts of Tasmania is that it is full of amazing natural beauty that is just waiting to be explored by you and your travelling party. With quality motorhome rental at your disposal, you have the power to make your way to the amazing hiking trails and scenic water views situated all over the island state. Besides just having your own set of wheels, you can have the vacation you want with plenty of room for storing any gear you might need to enjoy these natural beauty spots to the fullest. Here are just a few ways to get in touch with nature during your time in Tassie.

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is arguably Australia’s most famous trekking spot Source:

Perhaps the most well-known natural attraction in all of Tasmania, Cradle Mountain has drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Apple Isle through the years. One of the most beloved, and at times challenging, hiking trails in the Southern Hemisphere, if not the world, Cradle Country is a haven for those who are looking for outdoor excitement. The area features a collection of wonderful walking trails that cater to different physical abilities, so you can tackle a longer route if you think you’ve got what it takes or just go on a leisurely outdoor stroll if you want to get some fresh air cycling through your lungs.

The crown jewel of the entire range is the vaunted Overland Track. It is certainly not for the faint of heart, so novice hikers or those with physical ailments probably want to sit this one out. The entire stretch covers 65km and will often take about six days to complete. That means you’d be better off passing if you’re worried about spending too much time away from your Tasmania campervan hire! The trail is busiest between October and May, so keep that in mind when planning your holiday. Also make sure to check before you go, as some parts of the year (usually the aforementioned busy stretch) requires a booking.

Freycinet Peninsula

Drink in the delicious views on offer at Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula Source:

Freycinet National Park on the Freycinet Peninsula is full of a huge range of gorgeous natural shapes and structures that there’s something for just about anybody who’s keen to get a bit of fresh air into their system. Wineglass Bay, while nowhere near the vino-friend Tamar Valley (more on that in a bit!), is delicious in its own right. One look out over the lush blue landscape of the bay and you’ll understand why it’s one of the most photographed locations in the entire country.

In addition to Wineglass Bay, you’ll find a handful of beaches to dig your toes into, outcroppings of picturesque pink granite, and even more awesome walking trails, whether you want a quick stroll through the woods or are looking to leave your motorhome parked for days as you camp on the trail. And, don’t you worry, there are plenty of places for you to post up with your Tasmania campervan hire as you enjoy this outpost on the eastern coast of the state.

Cataract Gorge

A gem nestled tightly into the northern section of Tasmania, Cataract Gorge is a great place to check out and won’t even require you to pack up your gear and get back in your hired motorhome if you don’t want! Located around 1.5km from the Launceston CBD, this is a lighter option than the more intimidating Overland Track and Freycinet Peninsula walks if you or those you’re with are looking to throw on the hiking boots and get out amongst it. Don’t feel like going for a walk? No problem. You can relax and bask in the glorious views provided by the Cataract Gorge chairlift. And, if you’re feeling a bit toasty, you can don your swimmers, throw on a bit of sun cream and hop into the pool at First Basin.

Tamar Valley

Reward yourself for all the hiking and driving with a stop in the Tamar Valley Source:

If you want to take your taste buds for an adventure and are fond of a few glasses of red or white, a visit to the famous Tamar Valley region north of Launceston is something that you should definitely make sure you include on your to-do list. One of the top stretches of wineries, orchards, and vineyards in Australia, and perhaps the world, the Tamar Valley is a great place to unwind and enjoy both the scenery of the Tamar River region as well as the wine itself. Even better is that the area makes for a fantastic road trip route for you and your Tasmania campervan rental!

Top 10 Campervan Holiday Parks in Tasmania

The DriveNow 10 Campervan Collection for Tasmania is a snapshot selection of holiday parks ideal for those renting a campervan in Tasmania. All come recommended and provide features such as powered sites, multiple shower blocks, dump stations, BBQ facilities, washing machines and onsite Park Managers.

  • Richmond Caravan and Cabin Park - 30 minutes north east of Hobart in Richmond, home of the oldest Australian bridge. 48 Middle Tea Tree Road, Richmond (03 6260 2192)
  • Port Arthur Holiday Park - On the edge of Stewarts Bay State Reserve, Port Arthur Holiday Park is 5 minutes drive from the historic penal settlement and perfect launching point to explore the Tasman Peninsula and Tasman National Park. Garden Point, Port Arthur (03 6250 2340)
  • Cradle Mountain - Discovery Holiday Parks - Explore the Tasmanian Wilderness from this holiday park located on the northern perimeter of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park at the head of the Overland track. Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain (03 6492 1395) Discovery Holiday Parks - Cradle Mountain
  • Launceston - Hadspen Discovery Holiday Parks - Close to the wine producing Tamar Valley and just south of Launceston, Hadspen Park sits on the Meander Valley highway a short walk from the South Esk River. 9 Main Street, Hadspen (03 6393 6391) Hadspen Discovery Holiday Park
  • Big4 St Helens Caravan Park - Located in the town of St Helens in north east Tasmania this Big4 sits close to Georges Bay surrounded by close by State Reserve parks. A 30 minute drive up past the stunning Binalong Bay takes you to Bay of Fires, recognised by Lonely Planet in 2008 as home to the world's best beach. 2 Penelope Street, St Helens (03 6376 1290)
  • Devonport - Discovery Holiday Park - Sitting on the banks of the picturesque Mersey river in East Devonport, this is the perfect launching point to explore Northern Tasmania. Burnie is less than 30 minutes away, Cradle Mountain and Launceston are within a 90 minute drive and the Devonport-Melbourne ferry service runs daily. 13 Tarleton Street, East Devonport (03 6427 8418) Devonport Discovery Holiday Park
  • Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park - Set beneath the "Nut" on a peninsula on the edge of Sawyer Bay in far north west Tasmania Stanley is perfectly positioned to explore the Tarkine Wilderness. Or simply experience this stunning coastline aptly known as the Edge of the World. 23a Wharf Road, Stanley (03 6458 1266)
  • Wynyard Leisure Ville Holiday Centre - Set on the mid north coast close to Burnie, Wynyard is surrounded by pristine beaches and close to the Tarkine rainforest. 145a Old Bass Highway, Wynyard (03 6442 2291)
  • Strahan Tourist Park - On the mid West coast Strahan sits at the northern end of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. In the middle of town on the B27 the Park is within easy walking distance of the vast Macquarie Harbour. Take the exhilarating Jet Boat ride up the King River or travel on the West Coast Wildness Railway. Cnr Andrew & Innes Streets, Strahan (03 6471 7468) Strahan Tourist Park
  • Captain Cook Caravan Park - Perhaps Australia's most southerly park - Captain Cook Caravan Park sits on Adventure Bay in Bruny Island south of Hobart and connected via a sliver of land and ferry service to the Tasmanian mainland. Explore the South Bruny National Park, Pristine beaches or watch for dolphins and pods of migrating whales in the bay. 786 Adventure Bay Road, Adventure Bay (03 6293 1128)