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Campervan Vehicle Rating

At DriveNow our best endorsement comes from Customers whose expectations are met or exceeded by their Campervan and the levels of service received from the Campervan Rental provider. With this in mind we have developed an unique 2-Part Rating system to assist you in choosing your Campervan and supplier.

Part 1 - Supplier self-rating

Our suppliers have provided a rating on the product and service. Things that were taken into account in providing this rating included:

  • General age of the supplier's vehicles and distance the vehicles have travelled
  • Fit-out of the vehicles (e.g. fitout quality, TV / DVD players included etc)
  • Items included in the rental charge (e.g. bedding, gas refills etc)

The suppliers self-rating works similarly to those you often see for hotels, with 1 Star Ratings being the most basic level, and 5 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings being the highest level.

We show the Suppliers Star ratings in the 'Supplier Rating' cell on our Search Results page.

Part 2 - Customer Rating

On completion of their rental, we ask our customers to rate their experience with their supplier based on whether they would recommend the supplier to their family and friends.

The number we show represents the percentage of customers who replied to our survey in the last 6 months and said they would recommend the supplier. As an example, a figure of 90% means that 90 out of 100 customers who used that supplier in the last 6 months would recommend that supplier to their families and friends.

Customer Ratings are updated each month and displayed in the 'Customer Rating' cell on our Search Results page.

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