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Get Wowed by Western Australia with Camper Hire in Perth from DriveNow

Perth is one of Australia’s marquee cities and offers travellers both domestic and international a whole heap of things to do as well as a look at life on the other side of Australia. While much of the attention tends to lie with eastern staples such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Perth offers a taste of the Wild West that you won’t soon forget. With campervan hire in Perth, you can see the best of the west as you’d like, not having to worry about where you’re going to find the next roof over your head or decoding any confusing public transportation timetables. There are plenty of suitable spots to stay, so you’ll never be too far from a place to park your vehicle. Many of these have awesome amenities and sizable sites that keep you comfortable and within arm’s reach of all the great things the capital of Western Australia is known for. While car hire in Perth is a suitable option that can put you firmly in control, having a campervan that you can count on for both a place to stay and a way to get around can be a game changer. Exploring the incredible wine regions of the area, including those around the fertile ground of the Margaret River, or bouncing from sparkling beach to sparkling beach becomes that much easier with a motorhome. And it puts you in prime position to go on a wicked road trip, whether you want to explore the southern part of WA or head up north to get swept off your feet in Broome. Check out some of the great things to see and places to go when you have a motorhome in Perth to call your own during your holiday.
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What to Do and Where to Stay in Perth

Perth campervan hire is a tremendous way to explore the beautiful lands around Western Australia. But it can also be a phenomenal base from which to see what this sunny city has going for it. Here are some things to see while you’re in the WA capital and where to park your campervan hire in Perth.

What to See in Perth

Perth is an outdoor lover’s paradise, with a strong collection of fun destinations and activities that make the area an optimal holiday destination when the weather decides to show off. Here are some of the top natural attractions you can check out that won’t be too far from where you park your motorhome.

Be a Beach Bum

Cottesloe Beach in Perth WA
Cottesloe Beach certainly earns its spot atop the must-see list for those on holiday in Perth

As with popular destinations on the other side of the country, Perth and its west coast location offers plenty of beaches on which you can spend your holidays.

Cottesloe Beach is perhaps the best-known spot in the city, as it offers not only beautiful beachy benefits but also puts you close to fun places to grab a bite to eat or a drink. You’ll be on the main drag of Marine Parade, on the other side of which sits the iconic Cottesloe Beach Hotel. If you want to catch waves, Scarborough Beach might be a better option.

Both of those are fairly well-known hang spots. If you want to go off the beaten path a bit, you can check out lesser-known areas such as Sydney Street Beach (head down the stairs at the corner of Sydney Street and Marine Parade), where you can meet a precious pooch and have a dip. Or you can head south to Fremantle and enjoy the peaceful vibe of Mosman Beach.

Rottnest Island

Quokka on Rottnest island
Just try not to melt in the face of a cute, cuddly quokka on Rottnest Island

This floating oasis is the place to be if you love serenity, splashing, and silly species you’ve yet to meet.

While RV hire in Perth can get you to a whole heap of great spots, one you definitely need to check out that is off-limits to your motorhome is Rottnest Island. Don’t worry, though, as all it takes is a simple cruise on the Rottnest Express ferry. You’ll ride across the sea west to Rottnest, arriving at your destination in less than an hour.

As you might imagine, an island in that part of the world is going to have its own fair share of sunny, sandy coastal areas. There’s plenty of space to dig your feet into the sand and relax on Rottnest, with a bountiful cornucopia of beaches for you to choose from. There are dozens of beaches and bays to hang out in and on, including favourites Little Salmon Bay, The Basin, and Fish Hook Bay.

But not everybody wants to just sit and soak up the sun. That’s fine, too. Before you hop off the Rottnest Express, rent a bicycle and cruise around on the paths that twist and turn through the island. Or, if you want to take a dip in the deep, cooling waters of the Indian Ocean, get your hands on a snorkel and some flippers and dive in.

All of that sounds (and is) pretty darn great, but perhaps the most attractive part of a visit to Rottnest is your chance to meet a cute little quokka. These cheeky little creatures call Rottnest Island home and are more than willing to be part of a memorable holiday snap or 10. You shouldn’t have to search far and wide for these little guys, as they’re common patrons of some of the most popular watering holes on the island.

Where to Park Your Motorhome Hire in Perth

Although you might be tempted to just pull over and take a snooze next to the lapping waves of one of the pristine beaches around Perth, doing so might land you in the naughty bin. That why you’re better off checking out one of the great campsites around the city that have large, comfortable spots for your campervan.

Karrinyup Waters Resort

Karrinyup Waters Resort
Feel like you’re on holiday even when you’re not up and about in Karrinyup Waters Resort

Karrinyup Waters Resort is not one of those junky campervan parks where you’re crammed into some terrible gravel lot. It’s a picturesque scene about 15 minutes from Perth with several heated swimming pool options, kids play areas, and a lake with a wonderful variety of wildlife. This is an optimal option for those looking for a nicer RV experience in Perth.

Old Reliables

Whether you’re well-versed in campervan travel around Australia or not, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard of a Big 4 Holiday Park or a Discovery Parks location. Both of these trusted chains have locations in and around Perth that do a perfectly fine job supplying a place for you to park your campervan hire until you’re ready to be on your way.

Take Your Perth Motorhome Hire to the Magnificent Margaret River

Margaret River
The vineyards of Margaret River provide plenty of options when it comes to delicious wine

If you’re a fan of whites, reds, rosés, and everything in between, the Margaret River region must be near the top of your to-do list during your trip to Perth. This wine region is one of the most popular in Australia and well-known around the world, a paradise for those who like to hop from winery to winery for a glass of grapes and a delicious view. The area covers about 100km (62 miles), and there are dozens of expert winemakers ready for you to swing by and sample their sweet, sharp chardonnays and cab sauvs.

Some of the Best Margaret River Wineries to Check Out During Your Campervan Trip

Some people will have their favourite styles or brands of wine, while others will be willing to give anything a go as long as somebody pours it into a glass for them. While all of these wineries in the Margaret River region have something for everybody and you’re bound to find something you like at just about each one of them, here are a few that you might want to check out if you’re looking to narrow the list a bit.

Cullen Wines

Cullen Wines of Margaret River
The quality of the Cullen Restaurant matches up to the choice wine on offer

One of the staples of the Margaret River region, Cullen Wines in Wilyabrup is a consistent award winner that is more than worthy of a few hours of your time during your caravan trip through the area. Take a tour, do some tasting, or stick around for a while and have a sensational meal at the Cullen Restaurant, which provides a fantastic view of the vineyard.

Voyager Estate

Voyager Estate, Margaret River
Voyager Estate can help you broaden your horticultural horizons sip by sip

No pretentiousness here! Voyager Estate doesn’t require you to be a sommelier or have sampled hundreds of bottles from around the world in order to have a good time. Here you can learn a bit more about the art behind some of your favourite drinks and also see just how well they go with food from the region. Sit down for a 4- or 6-course Discover Menu lunch and let chef Santiago Fernandez and his team whip up a meal you won’t soon forget.

Brookland Valley

With more than 120 years of experience under its belt, Brookland Valley is one of the most well-established and revered wineries in all of the Margaret River. With an open date of 1894, this 5-star favourite of locals and visitors alike serves up delightful versions of two of the regions staples—cabernet and cabernet sauvignon. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see the huge bronze statue of Daphnis, a Greek character known for playing the flute.

Where to Park Your Perth Campervan Hire on Your Trip to the Margaret River

When you sort out camper hire in Perth and head to the Margaret River, you open yourself up to heaps of great options for sampling the region. Drive around and tour the different wineries yourself if you can behave well enough to stay behind the wheel and on the right side of the law. Or leave the keys at home and have one of the many shuttle services in the area take you from sampling spot to sampling spot. Whichever way you decide to go, here are a few places you can use as home base during your visit to the Margaret River.

Prevelly Caravan Park

Prevelly, Margaret River
Prevelly Caravan Park can help show you how the coast is just as nice as inland parts of Margaret River

While most head to the Margaret River region for the wineries inland, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had out on the coast as well. Prevelly Caravan Park puts you right near the beach at one of the best surf spots in Western Australia and just a short ride away from some of the finest wineries in the country.

Wharncliffe Mill

Wharncliffe Mill near Margaret River
When you’re not tasting wine, get a good dose of Bramley National Park at Wharncliff Mill

Hideaway amongst the lush greenery at Wharncliffe Mill, a family-run bush retreat that provides peaceful yet fun sites for your campervan rental from Perth. Located further inland on the north-eastern section of the Margaret River, Wharncliffe lets you carve out a spot of the beautiful Bramley National Park that’s just about 2km (1.24 miles) from the town centre. When you’re not out and about visiting vineyards, you can explore the walking and cycling trails that snake around the forest from your site.

Riverview Tourist Park

Want an eyeful of the Margaret River itself? The aptly named Riverview Tourist Park will give you that, as well as comfortable accommodation for you and your RV. Whip up a meal at the camp kitchen or free BBQs to go with some of the bottles of vino you picked up on your winery tour and do a quick load of laundry if you’ve spilled a bit of red on your favourite shirt.

Hire a Campervan in Perth and Hit the Highway

The heart of Western Australia has enough going on that you can spend weeks in Perth and its nearby surrounds and still not get to everything. But sometimes the open road is calling. And, gosh darn it, sometimes you just have to answer that call.

RV hire in Perth can help you make your road trip dreams come true. So, get your playlists ready, plot your course, and head out on one (or more!) of these excellent road trip itineraries from Perth.

Perth to Darwin

The Pinnacles in Western Australia
The Pinnacles are one of the highlights of the massive road trip from Perth to Darwin

This one is an absolute doozie and should only be tackled if you’re ready to really cover some serious kilometres. Depending on how you want to go about tackling this beast, travelling from Perth to Darwin in your motorhome rental can take anywhere from 45-55 hours or so and require you to cruise across approximately 4,000-5000kms.

Your best bet is to head north to make your way up to the capital of the Northern Territory. Along the way you’ll see much of the natural landscape that characterises this part of the world, including desert land and rocky gorges. Of course, since you won’t be too far from the coast, you’ll also have a chance to hop out and sample some of the lovely, less crowded beaches along the way, too. Highlights include the Pinnacles in Nambung, where you’ll get to see ancient desert sculptures; the beachy brilliance of Shark Bay, the Carnarvon Blowholes, Coral Bay; and the Katharine Gorge in Kununurra.

To really get the most out of this huge journey, you’ll want to budget a good 25-30 days if possible. That will give you plenty of time to pull your RV over and enjoy all the best bits and pieces of this section of Australia and keep you from being behind the wheel the whole time.

Perth to Broome

Cable beach in Broome, WA
It’s hard to beat the sunset from Cable Beach when in Broome

If you don’t want to go all the way to Darwin, you can tour Western Australia in your Perth motorhome rental and still get a heavy dose of the coast with a road trip up to Broome. This is still quite a hefty trip of 2000km-plus depending on your exact route, but gives you a way to hit many of the same spots you’d pass on the way to Darwin in a few less days.

Broome is a popular holiday destination for those who call Western Australia and the Northern Territory home. If it’s good enough for the locals, you know it has to have something pretty special going on! This jewel of the Kimberley region offers a slightly different view of WA than Perth and Margaret River. Once you get to Broome, make sure you watch the sunset from the shores of Cable Beach and grab a little souvenir in the form of the city’s famous pearls.

Perth to Adelaide

Not all points have to lead north if you’re looking for a bit of road trip fun in your campervan hire from Perth. The wonderful city of Adelaide is another destination that those looking for a bit of life on the road can check out.

You’ll manoeuvre your RV over the Nullarbor Plain, covering about 2750kms. A chunk of it won’t require much attention to direction, as the Eyre Highway is Australia’s longest straight road, clocking in at about 146kms. Along the way you’ll hit Norseman, which combines the red, dusty dirt of the Outback with salty lakes; the Bunda Cliffs with a potential whale sighting on the cards; and, of course, get an eyeful of the crashing waves of the Great Australian Bight along the southern coast of the country.

To truly enjoy your trip, we recommend at least a couple weeks to make sure you’re not rushing through things.

Here's a collection of self-drive itineraries for Western Australia.

Things to Keep in Mind when you Book Motorhome Hire in Perth

The Nullarbor
Although your campervan will be well-equipped, you need to make sure you’re prepared for what WA has to throw at you on the Nullabor

We know that you might not have heaps of experience behind the wheel of a quality RV. But that’s no reason to shy away from hiring a campervan in Perth. Here are few tips and tricks to keep in mind once you’ve used DriveNow to get the keys to your Winnebago.

Get a Load of Extras

Don’t think you’ll have to pack your own plates and utensils to keep from having to dig your food out of cans with your hands during your trip! Cheap campervan hire in Perth will often include many of the essentials you need to have a fun, comfortable holiday. The tools you need to eat and lounge comfortably outside after a long day out and about will often be stock standard. You can also inquire about extra shade, table tops, and other accessories that can make your trip that much more enjoyable.

Suitable Size

Get those visions of massive, clunky machines out of your head. The RVs of today are far sleeker than their older cousins, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing into lanes as you cruise through Western Australia. DriveNow’s fleet will feel comfortable in your control, leaving you plenty of extra room at the various caravan sites around the area.

Map Out Your Stays

We know how amazing it is to have the convenience of your accommodation and your transport wrapped up in one package. But that doesn’t mean you can just call any little stretch of land home. Pulling over on a whim and setting up shop for the night can be dangerous, not to mention illegal. Keep on the right side of the law and post up in any of the fantastic campervan sites you’ll find in and around Perth and throughout your road trip journeys.

Mind the Temperature

One thing to remember about Western Australia, along with the Northern Territory and South Australia, is that it can get quite toasty at certain times of the year. It’s important to keep your eyes on the thermometer and the forecast, especially if you’re planning on setting off on a lengthy road trip, to make sure you’ve got what you need. This goes far beyond comfortable clothing; make sure you’ve got appropriate sun protection gear as well as plenty of water in your campervan when on the go.

Get Cheap Motorhome Hire in Perth with DriveNow

With DriveNow, you can get your hands on easy, cheap campervan hire in Perth. All it takes is a few clicks or taps on your favourite device for you to find a vehicle that suits your needs. You can sort our massive fleet by several features, including size, price, and make and model and get a side-by-side view that makes comparing options easy. Speaking of options, there are plenty! With more than 14 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built up strong relationships with suppliers such as Maui, Britz, Apollo, Travellers Autobarn, LetsGo, StarRV, Lucky and Mighty among others . That means more choice for you to browse and compare when making your plans.

But the benefits of DriveNow don’t stop there. Once you find a vehicle to suit your travel needs, you’ll be able to reserve at the lowest price. You won’t be caught out by hidden fees that pop up later when you pick up the keys. We offer the best possible prices, leaving more cash in your pocket to spend on the bits and pieces you need to make your excursion to Perth a truly memorable experience.

Why Use DriveNow for Campervan Hire in Perth?

  • Guaranteed lowest rates
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  • We've been comparing and organising Camprevan hire since 2003
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  • 100% based, owned and operated in Australia

Seeing everything Perth and the rest of Western Australia has to offer in motorhome rental is a fantastic way to spend your holiday. With so many of the top RV suppliers in the world working with us, we’ve got hundreds of campervans ready to be rented by travellers. And if for some reason you decide you’d rather opt for a car, that’s no drama, either! DriveNow has car hire at Perth Airport and other locations around the city that can get the keys in your hands quickly and easily.

Take care of two of your biggest travel headaches—accommodation and transportation—in one fell swoop with Winnebago hire in Perth from DriveNow. It’s quick, cheap, and convenient. Check it out today!

Perth Airport Campervan Hire arrivals

For those arriving by air Perth Airport is located close to several of Perth's Campervan Rental branches on the Great Eastern Highway adjacent to the airport and a short taxi ride from either the Domestic or International terminals. In fact all the Campervan rental locations in Perth are within 30 minutes of the airport in the suburbs of Redcliffe, Northbridge and Welshpool.

Approximate travel times from Perth Airport to Campervan Rental branches:

  • Let's Go Motorhomes - Welshpool
    • Domestic Terminal - 12 minutes
    • International Terminal - 7 minutes
  • Britz Campervans - Redcliffe
    • Domestic Terminal - 6 minutes
    • International Terminal - 12 minutes
  • Kea Campers - Redcliffe
    • Domestic Terminal 6 minutes
    • International Terminal - 12 minutes
  • Lucky Rentals - Northbridge
    • Domestic Terminals 21 minutes
    • International Terminal - 25 minutes
  • Maui Motorhomes - Redcliffe
    • Domestic Terminal 6 minutes
    • International Terminal - 12 minutes
  • Mighty Campervans - Redcliffe
    • Domestic Terminal 6 minutes
    • International Terminal - 12 minutes
  • Travellers Autobarn - Welshpool
    • Domestic Terminal - 12 minutes
    • International Terminal - 15 minutes

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