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Explore Auckland and the North Island with Campervan hire from DriveNow

Hire a Campervan in Auckland and discover a world class city and the natural wonders at its door step. Auckland is the gateway to the natural wonders the North Island has to offer. Positioned between two coastlines, this vibrant city hosts a combination of magnificent landscapes, an urban playground, and world-class food and wine. With so much to see and do, there’s no better way to explore the Auckland surrounds and the North island than with a campervan rental.

Book Value Campervan Deals with DriveNow

Don’t leave the stress of booking an Auckland campervan rental until you arrive, the smart thing to do is to book online with a free comparison service like DriveNow. We have more than 17 years of experience finding great deals on rental vehicles for travellers, and have partnerships with all the top brands in the campervan market that include: Apollo, Britz, Maui, Mighty, Jucy Rentals, and, Freedom Campers.

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FAQs on hiring a Campervan in Auckland

Which Campervan hire operators are available in Auckland?

Auckland is home to a wide range of campervan rental providers including Apollo, Britz, Budget Campers, Cheapa Campa, Freedom Campers, Hippie, JUCY, Kiwi Campers, Lucky, Maui, Maui Elite, Mighty, Pacific Horizon, Road Runner Rentals, Star RV, Spaceships and Wenderkreisen.

When's the best time of year to rent a campervan in Auckland?

November to April are the most popular months, being spring through to autumn. However the mild sub-tropical climate of New Zealand's North island makes almost any time of year ideal for a self-drive road holiday.

What driving license do I require to hire a campervan out of Auckland?

A full unrestricted car driving license. If the license is not in English it needs to be accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP).

What is the minimum age to hire a campervan in Auckland?

The minimum age is generally 21. However some providers, such as JUCY, allow drivers over 18 and include those holding a NZ restricted drivers licence or Australian green P licence.

Where are the campervan rental branches located in Auckland?

  • Apollo, Cheapa Campa, Hippie and Star RV - 9 Richard Pearse Drive in Mangere - 4km from the airport
  • Britz, Maui, Maui Elite and Mighty - 36 Richard Pearse Drive in Mangere - 4km from the airport
  • Budget Campers and Freedom Campers - 142 Robertson Road in Mangere East - 6.5km from the airport
  • JUCY - 27 Aintree Avenue in Mangere - 4km from the airport
  • Kiwi Campers - 197 Montgomerie Road in Airport Oaks - 4.5km from the airport
  • Lucky Rentals - 5 Aintree Avenue in Mangere - 4.5km from the airport
  • Pacific Horizon - 164 Montgomerie Road in Mangere - 4km from the airport
  • Road Runner Rentals - 152-174 Montgomerie Road in Mangere - 4km from the airport
  • Spaceships - 60 Walls Road in Penrose - 14km from the airport
  • Wenderkreisen - 197 Montgomerie Road in Mangere - 4.5km from the airport

Are campervans available to rent with automatic transmission in Auckland?

Yes. Campervans with both automatic and manual transmission are available.

How does it take to drive a Campervan from Auckland to Wellington?

Depending upon the route taken a road trip from Auckland down to Wellington is around 630km and 13 hours driving.

Driving in and around Auckland and the North Island

Driving around in a campervan is easier than you think!

Looking forward to getting on the open road and exploring the sights of Auckland and beyond in your campervan, but worried you’ll be unable to drive it? Don’t worry; the fleet of modern vehicles available on DriveNow are smooth, slick, and surprisingly easy to manoeuver. You’ll get used to cruising around the North Island in no time.

For those travelling from the likes of Australia and the UK driving in New Zealand will feel very much like home with vehicles travelling on the left and like Australia speed limits maxing out at 100kms (around 66mph). Unlike Australia you don’t have to travel too far between destinations and most State highways are made up of undivided roads with less than 500kms of motorway predominately located around cities. But rather than being a drawback, this ensures you get more time in your campervan to experience the beauty and innocence that New Zealand still offers.

Auckland is the perfect launching point to explore the North Island by road. Explore the stunning coastline of the Coromandel Peninsula, 3 hours away on the east coast or head north to the beauty of the Bay of Islands a little over 220kms up State Highway 1, or even go all the way and continue up State 1 to Cape Reinga, the country’s most northern tip (well almost, technically Surville Cliffs 30km to the north east is 3km further north but being off-limits to the public Cape Reinga is the most northerly point for your campervan.

Heading south you’re spoilt for choice with a plethora of National Parks, the mudpools and 30 metre Pohutu Geyser outside Rotorua, Lake Taupo and Hawke’s Bay all just a brief glimpse of what New Zealand’s North Island offers the road traveler.

Where to Park your campervan around Auckland?

Sleep under an uninterrupted blanket of New Zealand stars

The beauty of travelling around New Zealand by campervan is having the freedom to set up camp wherever you like, as long as you’re not trespassing and are respectful of the environment. Freedom camping, as it is known, allows you to wake up each morning in places of unique and magnificent beauty proving that the adventure of the open road in New Zealand is like no place else. For those nights when you want amenities like hot water, washing facilities, and the chance to meet fellow campers; check out these campsites around Auckland.

Packing Tips for Your Campervan Holiday in Auckland

When you embark on your Auckland campervan adventure, it can be difficult knowing what to pack. As you’ll be sleeping, cooking, and cleaning in your van, you’ll have a list as long as your arm. Don’t stress DriveNow’s fleet of suppliers come with everything you need, plus the option to add on any additional extras. So, all you need to bring for your campervan hire in Auckland is yourself and your personal belongings. We recommend bringing soft cases as these are much easier to stow away than hard-covered suitcases.

Weather in Auckland

Auckland has a balanced climate making it a year round destination

Auckland and its surrounds have a reasonably comfortable climate all year round. In the summer months temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees, and in the colder months of winter, the average daily temperature is 14 degrees. If you are visiting in winter, you may want to pack a raincoat and umbrella as the rainfall can get quite heavy during these months. Autumn is a great time to visit, as the crowds of summer have dispersed and the temperature is still pretty warm.

Driving Holiday Intineraries out of Auckland

If you are looking for some ideas for your driving holiday itinerary out of Auckland, checkout these itineraries encompassing holiday trips across the north and south islands with free itineraries to download:

  • Auckland to Christchurch - Enjoy one of the world's most stunning road trips; this 10 day tour of New Zealand takes you from Auckland in the north to Christchurch on the east coast of the South Island
  • Auckland and the Bay of Islands - Take in the north of Auckland and take explore the Bay of Islands in this 5 day loop of the top of the North Island
  • Auckland to Queenstown - Travel the full monty and take in New Zealand from top to bottom kicking off in Auckland and finishing 2300km later at Queenstown in the South Island
  • Auckland to Wellington - 7 Day explore of New Zealand's North Island

Driving Highlights Not to Be Missed in and Around Auckland

When you land Auckland Airport, your campervan rental will be awaiting your arrival. Jump in, turn the ignition and you’re ready to see some great sights around Auckland! Check out some of these unmissable attractions on your road trip.

Auckland Sky Tower

Before you leave the buzz of the city for the natural New Zealand landscapes surrounding Auckland, head to the Sky Tower for its unmissable view. If you’re feeling brave you could get your adrenaline pumping with a Sky Jump or walk the edge on a Sky Walk at 192 metres high. For those who prefer feeling a little more grounded, you may prefer checking out the 360-degree view from the safety of the glass walls.


For any foodie visiting Auckland, put Matakana on your bucket list. This picturesque village is known for its spectacular vineyards, quaint farmers markets, and stunning east coast beaches. Enjoy a wine tasting tour at one of the region’s numerous wineries, where they are especially famous for producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris.

West Coast Beaches

The West Coast Beaches of Auckland are breathtaking

The Wild West Coast of Auckland is renowned for its rugged beauty and dramatic landscapes. For those who love the surf, it’s a must-visit location on your Auckland campervan trip. If you prefer to stay dry, there are plenty of beautiful coastal walks to take, we recommend the Omanawanui Track in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park.

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