We’re taking this car rental all the way to Invercargill!

We’re taking this car rental all the way to Invercargill!

They say that life inspires art, and sometimes, art inspires us.

‘Goodbye, Pork Pie’ is a genuine piece of New Zealand art.

The 1981 film is a Kiwi cult classic, and a great inspiration for anyone out for a unique New Zealand car hire road trip.

Nineteen-year-old Gerry Austin begins the tale in the far north of the North Island by stealing a wallet and using the driver’s licence she finds inside to hire a car from Hertz.

And so the epic adventure begins.

No ordinary car rental, the yellow mini heads south, picking up unlikely characters along the way, and, through various confusions and miscommunications, the group of travellers attract police attention.

Suddenly, the lurid yellow car is the centre of attention, making its way down to Auckland, then on to Wanganui and Wellington.

After crossing Cook Strait on the ferry, and making their way south again to Christchurch, the trio now in the car spend a day in the garden city, before visiting the West Coast, Cromwell and Dunedin.

At the end of the story, and now ridiculously exaggerated police chase, the trio and mini overcome the Armed Offenders Squad, a roadblock, an explosion and an arrest to finally reach Invercargill.

It sounds ridiculous – and it is – but the film is a recognised New Zealand institution.

While the hijinks of the group are not advisable, the route for their road trip is.

What better way to see New Zealand in a unique way than by watching the film (or even buy a copy to take home as a souvenir), and visit all the places from the movie – minus the police pursuit.

DriveNow Team

DriveNow Team

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