Unforgettable Chicago restaurants while on the road in the US

Unforgettable Chicago restaurants while on the road in the US

Chicago’s foodie scene is full of twists and surprises. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Windy City treats you to another set of incredible Chicago restaurants to choose from.

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Alinea (pictured) consistently rates at the top of food reviewers’ lists. It’s held the title of Best Restaurant in America a number of times. Many people also know Alinea for its innovative approach to modern cuisine. The venue features three distinct experiences. The Alinea Kitchen Table is the most intimate setting, giving your small group a private area to sample different flavours. There’s also The Gallery, which offers a multi-sensory 16 to 18-course menu. The Salon provides a 10-14 course tasting menu that’s sure to leave you more than satisfied

Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf

This amazing venue is a bit of a detour from what you’d consider your traditional steakhouse. It also serves as proof that you can enjoy top quality steakhouse meals in a dazzling venue. Bavette creates the perfect balance of French fine dining in a fun atmosphere. You’ll pick up a delicious ribeyes, seafood towers along with scrumptious homemade deserts. Then just add in some Jazz music, chandeliers and award-winning international wines and you have yourself a winner!

The Purple Pig

A top notch Mediterranean feast awaits at the Purple Pig. It’s one of the best Chicago restaurants you’ll come across. Rising Star Chef 2014 Jimmy Bannos Jn. is on the team, bringing years of knowledge handed down to him as a fourth generation restaurateur. Why not relax and order a glass of Greek Santorini, milk braised pork shoulder or a house made veal Mortadella sausage? Anything on this impressive menu will go down easily. It can be hard to find a set at this venue, although it’s well worth the wait.


Chef Sarah Grueneberg blends traditional Italian cuisine with influences from around the world. The Texan-born talent proudly creates food that is “soulfull, surprising and filled with storytelling.” She draws on her international travels to offer pasta, kraut, Japanese yellowtail and grilled Texas redfish all on the same menu! You’re spoiled with choice at Monteverde and the combinations are surprising. Not to mention, there’s an interesting story behind each and every dish.

Brianna Piazza

Brianna Piazza

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