This German city has plenty of great things to offer. Hire a car from Berlin Airport and add these five things to your to do list.

Just 25km southwest of Berlin are spectacular gardens and palaces. Spend the day exploring the residences where Prussian kings and German Kaisers lived until 1918. Among the highlights is Sanssouci Palace. Built in 1745, it’s complete with an incredible centre dome, circular rooms at each end and a grand courtyard. You can take a self-guided tour with an audio guide to learn about the fascinating history.

Brandenburg Gate (pictured)
The Brandenburger Tor is an icon of Berlin. It has more than 300 years of history and is one of Germany’s most visited attractions. Since 1989 it’s been a symbol for the reunification of Germany. However, before then it stood for many things, from peace to war and even terror at different points in time. Night is the best time to see the gate, when it’s lit up and there are less people around!

Berlin Wall
You’ll see almost every visitor to Berlin lining up along remaining sections of the Berlin will with a camera. Although the Wall was mostly destroyed in 1990, a restored stretch remains. It’s covered in graffiti artwork, most of which is making a political statement and will give you good insight into the significance of the wall in Germany’s Cold War history.

Grunewald Forest
This is Berlin’s largest forested area. It’s located south-west of Charlotteburg and is the perfect place to explore on foot or by bicycle. You’ll even see some riding through the woods on horseback! When the weather’s warm you can go swimming in the forest’s freshwater lakes, including Wannsee or Schlachtensee. Pack a picnic and you’re all set.

Berlin Cathedral
The Berliner Dom is a magnificent structure and regular catches the wandering eye of visitors to the city. It’s magnificent dome signifies its glory as the largest church in Berlin. It’s architecture is fascinating and dates back to 1894, when building began. It suffered considerable damage during the war but restorations finished in the 1990s.


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