It’s pretty safe to say that most people are well used to driving at night. What’s not safe to say is that darkness helps with your driving. Here’s a few handy tips to be reminded of to help make night driving in New Zealand Car Rental (or any other country for that matter) that bit easier and safer.

When you’re in another country, it’s important to recall what you learned as a new driver, with factors such as driving in the dark, getting used to new vehicles and road rules, and facing an affront of amazing scenery (or what you can see of it) all likely to pose a challenge.

One of the big problems when driving at night is other people’s headlights, especially if they have forgotten to turn off high beam when they’re approaching you. A trick to deal with this is to keep your eye on the white line on the left side of the road (New Zealanders drive on the left!) and stick to that.

Another thing that might impair your vision is a smudged windscreen. While your car hire company should have this cleaned for you beforehand, these things have a way of getting dirty along the way. Cotton, microfibre or even newspaper will help to clear away any smudges.

If someone is following behind you, then you can ensure that your rear view and side-view mirrors aren’t reflecting their headlights into your eyes, which can be very distracting. While you’re at it, make sure these areas are smudge free too.

Apart from these night-specific tips, there are plenty of ways that you can make yourself safer with tips from good daytime driving too.

While it’s important to be well rested for a day trip, we are often more tired at night so ensure you’re taking breaks whenever you need them.

And don’t forget to leave a larger-than-usual distance between yourself and the car in front of you, which will give you more reaction time in case of an accident.