After leaving behind a truly awesome week in The Grampians we headed two hours north to a funky little country town called Rainbow – and, no, there weren’t any rainbows in the sky, much to our youngest son Boston’s disappointment. However, there is a big town mural of a painted rainbow! It actually got its name from a colourful patch of wildflowers that grow on the surrounding hills.

But all the same, it is a bright and cherry little town to say the least and they make the best pies this side of Africa. The local bakery in town offers a rang of delicious goodies and we nearly ate them out of house and home! Without doubt they have the best pies ever.

There isn’t a lot to see and do, but there is a wonderful local icon called Yurunga Homestead. This is an ancient homestead more than 110 years old and which has been amazingly restored. The owners’ belongings and family photographs still hold pride of place on the walls. It’s a little bit spooky, but I think that’s only because you have them all watching you as you waltz around their mansion. To visit the homestead you only need make a gold coin donation, so please give generously as they are doing a terrific job in keeping this place looking as great as it does.

Rainbow is also famously known for the town murals, which you can view while walking around at your own pace. Some of them took many months to complete by a local painter who did them all by hand and hard work. The murals depict early life in the area and illustrate what made Rainbow the town she is today. It’s definitely a place to stop at overnight for. The Rainbow caravan park is owned and run by the town, but it’s only small so you need to book. It’s also the only park we have ever come across that has a good old-fashioned “honesty box”. The prices for the sites are displayed and it’s up to you to be honest and pay. What a breath of fresh air!