Tempt your taste buds at the Food Truck

Tempt your taste buds at the Food Truck

Diners were once considered unappealing, run-of-the-mill restaurants with more than a seedy undertone. Think classic Americana, but without a shiny facade or patrons.

Nowadays, the humble diner has gone through a hip resurgence, thanks in large part to sped-up lifestyles and a collective craving for home-style food.

Mike Van de Elzen is one chef that has answered this call for simple yet well-made and delicious food. Since his TVNZ Food Truck series, where he put his own spin on well-known cuisine from around the world, he has permanently set up shop with the Food Truck Garage.

If you find yourself in Auckland looking for a casual meal with a twist, head down to City Works Depot in the CBD for a culinary experience you’re sure to remember.

When it comes to the food, Mr Van de Elzen caters to a broad range of styles and tastes. Order a classic burger for something familiar, but with fresh vegetables inside the pattie and other unique choices such as Beefroot and Chickette, this won’t be any ordinary burger.

Fancy a hotdog? Select one from the Man’s Best Friend menu section, like the Cheek Dog with chicken, leek and spinach topped with tomato salsa. For seafood lovers, there is the Paua Dog, with paua, pickled pork, horseradish and avocado salsa, between a spelt flour roll.

Nibblers are also lovingly catered to, which is perfect if you’re busy discovering Auckland in your car rental and only have time for a quick bite.

The snack menu features wholemeal pita crisps, mini steak and potato-top pies, chicken spice arms and prawn tacos. Wash it down with a cool house-made soft drink or a craft beer.

All of the Food Truck eats are healthy and made with fresh ingredients. Prices range from $6 for snacks to $12 for meals.

Find out why the TV series is so popular for yourself and stop by the Food Truck Garage next time you’re in Auckland for a modern, healthy take on diner food.

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DriveNow Team

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