Taking your rental car on a New Zealand ski holiday

Taking your rental car on a New Zealand ski holiday

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If you are planning on taking a skiing holiday in New Zealand this year, it might be a good idea to consider booking a car hire in order to easily get from your place of accommodation to the slopes.

With a rental car, you will be free to travel when and where you like without having to worry about catching shuttles or busses on a set schedule.

However there are a few things which people looking at renting a car in New Zealand for a skiing holiday need to keep in mind.

Know the snow line

Before you book your rental car and set out on your holiday, it's important that you know about the 'snow line' and what this term means.

Basically, the snow line refers to a set point at either the entrance to a national park in which snow falls, or any area where snow chains are required for safe driving.

Some rental companies do not allow drivers to travel above the snow line without strict written consent and additional insurance options, while others will allow it so long as the driver takes all responsibility for any damage caused.

You should discuss this with your car rental provider when picking up your vehicle and include it in the comments section of your DriveNow Booking.

Driving safely in icy conditions

If you do have permission to take your car above the snow line, or ever find yourself driving in icy or dangerous conditions, then it is very important that you take care to drive safely and intelligently at all times.

Driving in icy or slick areas can be perilous if you are not taking the proper precautions, so you should always stick to the road rules and look out for any advisory signs or notices that have been posted.

Drive at a speed that feels safe and don't rush. Show care and respect to other drivers on the road and make sure that you have tyre chains fitted when necessary - these will help your tyres grip to the road and avoid loss of traction. Snow chains can be hired from most rental companies and in certain areas the carrying of snow chains is mandatory. Use the comments section of your DriveNow booking to include your snow chain rental requirements.

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