Taking the scenic route over the straight one

Taking the scenic route over the straight one

There’s something special about road trips.

You don’t just get in a car and drive anywhere, it’s not just about getting from A to B.

It’s about going somewhere, embarking on an adventure and enjoying the journey while you’re at it.

So there’s certainly something to be said for taking the scenic route over the straight one – especially in a country as beautiful and picturesque as New Zealand.

Taking a New Zealand car hire on such a journey is already something of a novelty, so why not make it all the more special by going the long way round?

Here are a few of the best ‘scenic’ options to take with your car rental.

If you’re organising a Christchurch car hire to take to Picton or the general Abel Tasman area, you’ll have the option to drive on the more direct inland route, or you can go via the east coast of the south island.

While inland route certainly comes with its own gems, the coastal route offers ocean views, a stop in Kaikoura to see the seals, the chance to drive alongside a train and multiple tunnels.

Auckland is well known for its web of intersecting motorways that will essentially take you anywhere. But they’re just not very pretty.

If you’re keen for a more visually appealing drive, take your Auckland car hire the slow route to your destination. Whether it’s the beach at Piha or the Waitomo caves (two great spots to head for a visit!), picking out a route that takes you through suburbs and off the beaten track will let you see much more of the real New Zealand.

DriveNow Team

DriveNow Team

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