Spotlight on Broome - Your top 10 must do's

Spotlight on Broome - Your top 10 must do's

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Wirriga ngangaran liyan nyamba bura - the Yawuru people.

We hope you are feeling good in our Yawuru country  

The Pearl of North-Western Australia and the gateway to the Western Kimberley’s.  Broome Airport is a busy regional airport servicing the whole Kimberley region, most flights come in via Darwin or Perth. You can pick up a car directly from the airport and Campervan/Motorhome companies are only 3 or 4 km's away.

The town is a contrast both culturally and geographically, the red earth and cliffs meet the white sands and azure seas of the Indian Ocean, while the inhabitant's historical and present-day stories from the Yawuru people to the Asian and European immigrants are also a stark contrast.

Like all of far north Australia, there are only two seasons, the Wet (December - March) and the Dry (April - November). It is slightly cooler in the dry but still very warm.

There are four aspects to the town of Broome:

  • Chinatown - The history of not just of the Asian immigrants but of the Indigenous and European’s relationship and development of the area as a pearling metropolis.  Plus today it's great food, microbreweries, shopping, and entertainment.
  • The Beach - The pure white sands of Cable Beach run for 22km’s and host the spectacular sunsets all of WA is famous for.
  • The Waters - the allure of the crystal-clear ocean deserves your attention to see pearl farms, fish or whale watch.
  • The Surrounds - are varied and contrasting and part of the overall experience and understanding of Broome, so don't just sit on Cable Beach and miss out.


  • Whale watching - July to September
  • Shinju Matsuri - The Pearl Festival - September (check for dates)

TOP 10 for your to-do list

  1. Chinatown - this is where you go pearl shopping,  art shopping, eat, drink and visit the historical Sun open-air Picture Garden for some evening entertainment. Markets - in the grounds of the historical Courthouse. Food/Art/crafts/Music - Sat/Sunday mornings and Thursday nights
  2. Cable Beach - Stay at the famous Cable Beach Club Resort,  take the mandatory camel ride on the beach, watch the amazing WA sunset or just relax on the sand.
  3. Broome Historical Museum to catch yourself up on the history of the area.
  4. Narlijia Experience - indigenous guided tours, 2-hour walking tours (a must), or a four-hour stairway to the moon tour.
  5. Hovercraft tours - where else can you still get a ride on a hovercraft?  not far outside Broome is a beach where you can stand in 120 million-year-old dinosaur footprints, you don't have to be a kid to want to do this!
  6. Jetty to Jetty Trail (download the app) Take the self-guided trail to understand the Aboriginal heritage of the area.  You only need a couple of hours and it's only 3.5 km so most people can handle it.
  7. Willie Creek Pearl Farm - the best pearl farm experience, you can take the coach, a helicopter or drive yourself (4wd recommended) Learn all about pearl farming, pearl farmers and the history of the industry in the Broome area.
  8. Wildlife:-
    • Reef and Fish - Snorkle off Cable Beach or take a dive cruise to the Clerke Reef, the closest reef to Broome in the Rowley Shoals Marine Park.
    • Whale watching - if you are around in September, but if it's not September still go out and enjoy the dolphins.
    • Fishing charters - are many are varied, if that's your thing you will be in paradise.
    • Camels - as above on Cable Beach.
  9. Gantheaume Point - This is the same spot that the hovercraft takes you to for the dinosaur footprints but it's spectacular to come at it from land and spend the late afternoon here for another sunset aspect. Gantheaume Point also hosts the Broome Turf Club one of the most quirky and dramatic settings for a racing venue.  Races only happen in the dry season, check the website to see if there is anything running while you are there, it will certainly be a unique experience even though you won't see much turf at this turf club!
  10. Horizontal Falls

Made famous by David Attenborough, between Broome and Derby and accessible from both are the Horizontal Falls, caused by the extreme tides into and out of the Buccaneer Archipelago where the huge volume of water is forced through the narrow neck of Talbot Bay. It’s not really a waterfall but the rushing water levels changing with the tides.  There is no road access.  A day tour involves a seaplane, a jet boat, and a 4 wheel drive, yes, it's expensive, but it's an amazing experience so budget for it and don't miss out.



Recommended campgrounds

You will not be bored spending a week in Broome, if you're traveling through make sure you stay at least 4 days.

Photo credits: Tourism Western Australia


Shelley Richardson

Shelley Richardson

Shelley has been working in the travel industry for over 30 years, in aviation, for tour operators and since 2016 for DriveNow. Having travelled extensively worldwide, alone, as a couple and with her family, Shelley has experience to share about how to make the most of your holiday, especially road-trips to amazing destinations.

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