Savvy, environmentally-conscious road trippers are jumping on the solar bandwagon when it comes to charging their mobile devices on the go.

The old plug-in-the-wall charger days are disappearing fast as campervanners learn to charge their gear while they are either on the road or out and about in a holiday park.

Those who pick up a DriveNow hire car or campervan rental in Australia can have their solar-power gadgets at work while they take a road trip, stop for a bush-walk or go sightseeing.

One of the most popular tourist spots on the Australian coast is Byron Bay, home to Jack Wilde of Nomad NRG, a company dedicated to sourcing quality mobile power accessories.

Its range features UVA technology developed in low light environments, so it continues charging in cloudy weather and rain. For DriveNow travellers, Mr Wilde recommends products such as the Nova Backpack, with a battery that can refill your tablet and a mobile phone. Then there’s the Unity Tablet Case which can be held in your hand, left on the dash board or strapped to a backpack.

The Titan is the big daddy of them all. It can charge an entire laptop battery, tablets and mobile phones. Other handy devices for tourists include a camera tour bag with an inbuilt solar panel for on-going charging and the CasePower A4 Worker for iPhone 4 & 4S, with its ultra-thin rechargeable battery housed in a tough, rubberized ABS plastic case – perfect to take the knocks and drops associated with a camping trip.