Safe driving tips for Australian road Holidays

Safe driving tips for Australian road Holidays

There’s no doubt about it – renting a campervan, gathering your family or friends and setting off on a road trip can be one of the best ways to enjoy the vastness of Australia.

With its long stretches of easy-to-navigate roads and world-famous scenery, the country really is best explored with your own vehicle, at your own pace.

Fortunately Australia has plenty of Campervan hire options available, meaning you can pick a vehicle that suits your needs and budget – whether it is a hip 2 person Crib from Juicy just for you and your significant other or a 6 berth Motorhome to fit the whole family.

However, there are some safety rules to follow when you’re driving around the country, depending on what type of vehicle you are driving and where you’re travelling.

So next time you’re renting a campervan or car for that dream weekend away, make sure you’re encouraging a safe driving environment by following these tips:


Campervans are a popular option for travelling around Australia, as they are a fun and practical way of seeing the country.

They combine your transport and accommodation needs, so there are fewer things to worry about and more time to enjoy your adventure!

Due to their often larger size, they do however require some important considerations when sharing the road with other drivers.

In a recent press release, Amica Insurance offered some simple tips for when driving RVs – the American term for campervans.

Firstly, they recommend taking extra care with your blind spots, as they will be much larger than on your usual car.

It is also important to watch your speed and keep a safe following distance, as the weight of the vehicle will require more time to brake.

Finally, make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure, and loose items inside the vehicle are secured – you don’t want them falling on someone while you’re travelling.

Following these tips will ensure your Australia campervan rental holiday is as enjoyable as possible.

Country roads

Depending on where you’re heading, you may be spending a lot of time driving out in the open.

Country roads present many unique hazards you may not have been familiar with in your usual city commutes. Traveling at dusk and dawn can present sun glare issues particularly on long flat stretches of road. Night time traveling in the outback as well as country can present unique challenges with wildlife suddenly appearing on the road, kangaroos and cars are not a compatible combination!

Budget Car Rentals recommends keeping the type of road surface in mind, as loose stones and gravel can affect your traction.

They also advise not to gaze at the scenery while you drive and to focus on the road. If a particular location is just too good not to take photos of, it is far safer to pull over to a safe spot to do so.

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