Portland Unpacked

Hosted by well-known Australian actor, commentator and DJ, Faustina Agolley, this fascinating series of six episodes will reveal the myriad layers that makeup Oregon’s largest city.  Listeners will explore Portland’s history, diversity, sustainability and ethos of collaboration, and be inspired to visit this creative capital of the Pacific Northwest.

Unlike other travelogue-style podcasts which are made in-studio talking about travel experiences, this is a podcast from and by Portland, produced entirely on the streets of the city, a place of “many stories, many shades and many perspectives” according to Agolley who introduces listeners to a diverse range of people who have chosen to call Portland home.

“It felt like a city of misfits rather than a normal city with little pockets of weirdos.  People feel empowered to do weird things without asking permission” says Zoe Vrabel who hosts pinball competitions in bars throughout the city.

Zoe is one of the many fascinating locals who appear in the series as story-tellers taking listeners on a mission to uncover what makes the city tick and ultimately what excites people to travel to what Agolley calls a “progressive, eccentric, sustainable, music-obsessed, rainbow city.  An Un-America.”

Warning:  Portland will be on your bucket list after listening

Shelley Richardson

Shelley has been working in the travel industry for over 30 years, in aviation, for tour operators and for the last three years for DriveNow. Having travelled extensively worldwide, alone, as a couple and with her family, Shelley has experience to share about how to make the most of your holiday

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