NZ Campervan holidays: what not to do

NZ Campervan holidays: what not to do

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Once you get the keys to your New Zealand campervan, it can be tempting to jump straight behind the wheel and head off into the sunset before so much as reading the driving guide.

While campervans are an easy and cost-effective way to travel around the country, they are a little different to drive from your average hatchback.

It pays to be prepared and to understand your responsibilities as a campervan driver. To help you out, we've compiled a short list of what not to do when you hit the road in your New Zealand campervan hire.

Don't put your pedal to the metal

Speeding is not acceptable in any situation, but when you are driving a campervan it's important to pay extra attention to the speed dial.

Campervans are larger than cars and therefore heavier. They may take longer to slow down and be harder to handle at fast speeds.

Stick to the speed limit and take your time getting a feel for the vehicle. If you need to drive slower than usual, use pull-over bays and passing lanes to let cars pass you when out on the open road.

Don't park up anywhere

A common mistake that some campervan drivers make is believing that they can pull up anywhere to sleep for the night.

Otherwise known as "free camping", this is illegal in many areas and frowned-upon in others.

It's always best to stay in an official campervan or holiday park. Not only do these parks have facilities such as electricity and running water, they are often in beautiful locations. It's a win-win situation!

If you do have to spend the night out of an official park, be sure that you are not infringing any road rules to do so and that you are in a safe area.


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