Looking after your driver

Looking after your driver

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Once you've sorted a bargain for your Zealand car hire, the next step is to make sure your driver is as up-to-scratch as your vehicle!

Here are some tips to look out for your designated driver, and keep everyone in the car safe for the journey.

The power of a power nap

For some, the ability to power nap can seem like something of a superpower. But if you have it, or your driver has it - make the most of it!

Most of us get a bit tired in the afternoons (three-o-clock-itis anyone?), so if you've been driving all day when that afternoon drowsiness comes on, park somewhere safe and inspect those eyelids - studies show that just a 20 minute snooze will work wonders.

Eye-spy for grown ups

Car games aren't just to keep the kids in the backseat from attacking each other with their pillows, they're great for keeping the driver awake too.

Any kind of thinking game will keep you all alert - just make sure it's a thinking game and not a physical one - you want the driver to stay sharp, not get distracted!

Any excuse for an ice cream

Tea, coffee, ice cream, or the infamous Kiwi pie - a rest stop for your driver with something to eat or drink will give you all a chance to stretch your legs and pick up the energy. The fresh air will not only keep you feeling invigorated, regular rest stops will ensure you slow down to appreciate the scenery!

Tag out

If you're travelling as a group with more than one legal driver, always give each driver a chance to get behind the wheel. Sharing around the driving responsibility ensures no one gets fatigued on long road trips - like taking your Christchurch car hire all the way to Queenstown! - and lets everyone have their share of staring out the window without having to concentrate on the road for a while.

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