Let's keep Easter at Easter and Christmas in December

Let's keep Easter at Easter and Christmas in December

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Christmas in July is one thing but Easter in January?

Santa has no sooner garaged the sledge, turned Rudolph and friends loose for another 11 months of frolicking in the ice fields and put the kettle on when Easter has arrived.  No long hot antipodian summer, no frenzied Australia Day celebrations nor excitement of the first term in the new school year. No, it's official, Easter is here - just visit your local supermarket where time beats to a different tune and you'll find yourself thrown forward to Easter in January.

Our local Victorian seaside purveyor of all things fresh and wonderful was offering Hot Cross buns on 28th December with Easter Eggs, so I was assured by Mr Checkout, to be on the shelves from this Monday, the first in January.  Is it just me or is this a wee bit early? Do they really believe that as we rush out to stock up on summer goodness that we''ll be struck by the need to beat the rush and pick out our Easter eggs whilst the mercury is hovering in the thirties, cricket is on the beach and TV and tennis is yet to come?

It seems today that Easter snaps on Christmas heels whilst Christmas itself kicks off during those last weeks of footie finals in late September and early October. Whatever happened to the great December Christmas countdown? That last mad cap week when we charge around attempting to find presents before the shops close at 5pm on Christmas Eve. Surely having put up with the extended family Christmas lunch, spent Boxing Day recovery with the start of the Sydney to Hobart, cricket at the G and survived NYE's fireworks, celebrations and resolutions, we all deserve a bit of quiet respite? I know the Easter Bunny is a busy chap but I'm betting his egg supply will not run dry. Please, can we have January back?

On the other hand ............... there's one thing the Easter Bunny cannot control and most definitely does run out and run out fast and that's Easter rental cars! Well you knew there was going to be car rental angle somewhere didn't you?

Easter and Christmas are the peaks of peak when it comes to renting a car or campervan. Unlike Easter eggs not only do vehicles sell out quickly but as they do what's left rises in price. Note to those needing People Movers - book now - don't wait and be disappointed - these are always the first to go.

There is a simple solution to this dilemma. Book Early.

These days you can book a car without supplying any credit card details and campervans require no payment until 6 weeks out from travel. So booking now for Easter costs you nothing, ensures you of the vehicle of your choice and most importantly you get the best price. There's nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

So when you visit Mr Coles or Mrs Woolworths, pass on the Easter eggs and hot cross buns by all means, but perhaps whilst you laze away those summer days find 5 minutes to jump onto www.drivenow.com.au and book up your Easter wheels without burning a hole in your pocket. Happy 2013 and Happy Easter!!


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