The Kiwi classic road trip game - Car Cricket

The Kiwi classic road trip game - Car Cricket

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Hiring a car with your mates and road tripping to some outrageously fun campsite or batch is basically a rite of passage for Kiwis, and a no-arguments, no-excuses must-do for tourists.

But as they say, life isn't all about the destination.

Once you've run out of ideas for eye-spy (or your mate gets a little too ambiguous on what he spies), give this Kiwi classic a try.

You will need; a bag of lollies (for prizes, and sneaky nibbling). The sweets will be preferably something intrinsically Kiwi like pineapple lumps, snifters or jaffas - especially if your journey kicks off picking up or dropping off your rental car in Auckland.

Rules of the game

Each member of the car gets a turn as the 'batter'.

For every car that passes you from the opposite direction, the batter gets one run.

If a car is towing a trailer, the batter hits a four.

And if the car is towing a caravan, the batter hits a six.

However, if something other than a car passes you - i.e a motorbike, truck, bus, campervan or batmobile - then the batter is out and the next batter gets a turn.

You'll have to be the judge on the candy distribution, or decide on prizes of your own.

You can also divide road-trippers into teams and combine scores for an all-out battle.

For kids it's a great distraction from the hours spent on the road - let's face it, they're probably not quite ready to appreciate the rugged beauty of New Zealand's landscape - and keeps their brains ticking over adding up all their runs.

For the older (wiser) group, dangle a prize like one team buying a round at the final destination for the whole group, and you might find the trip gets that much more exciting.

So get your New Zealand car hire sorted so you can enjoy the journey, wherever you're headed.

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The Kiwi classic road trip game - Car Cricket