They say that when setting off to a faraway destination, whether it is by plane, train or automobile, getting there is half the fun. Those that have ever been on a long road trip with kids in the back seat may beg to differ.

Restless by nature, young children can drive you insane with their endless cries of “Are we there yet?”

Here are some things you can do on your next family road trip, particularly handy if you’ve just collected your rental car after one of those mind-numbing flights and airport experiences, to keep stress to a minimum on your journey:

Come prepared

Remember to bring along your kids’ favourite toys, books and games, to keep them occupied. Children can get bored very quickly, so make sure you have a good mix of activities to last them the journey.A nice, thick drawing pad and a set of colouring pencils is a low-cost way of keeping them busy – ask them to draw the scenery as you drive along!

Take regular breaks

Even with all the fun and games they can handle, kids won’t want to stay harnessed in a seat belt for too long, so give them plenty of opportunities to stretch their little legs. Doing this will not only prevent them from getting cranky, it is also a chance for you to get some circulation going in your body and refresh your mind.

Keep them well fed

Make sure you bring plenty of snacks for them to munch on, as a hungry child is not a happy child – and they will let you know all about it. If it’s time for a break and there’s a decent eatery in sight, don’t hesitate to make the stop.

Get them talking

If you find that your children have run out of stuff to do in the car, keep them engaged by talking to them – ask them about what they’d like to do at the destination, point out interesting buildings or play word games with them. If you get them talking enough, they may even start to fall asleep!