LEAVING Normanton, we headed south to a teeny, weeny place called Quamby.

The roadtrip was surprisingly easy thanks to good roads and not a lot of road trains, thankfully on this particular day. There were plenty of cattle, though, so you still have to be careful. The cattle around these parts seem to have sound road skills. Believe it or not, I actually saw a herd of cows stop and wait and then cross the road, unlike the horses up around Cooktown who wait, then run out in front of you!

There is little warning that Quamby is approaching, so don’t blink or you will miss it. The town of Quamby – and, yes, it still is a registered town – has a population of only 5 (three of whom are the barmaids!) and just one property. However, many moons ago Quamby was a vibrant little village and one of the main Cobb & Co stations. Now it’s a great pub, with accommodation out the back – donga style. You can hook up your van to their power or use a donga.

It’s such a neat, quaint and interesting place that you do really have to stay a night. They have their own resident bull, Camel, who is a real character and they have their own Bundaberg Rum water tank sitting in all its pride and glory on the hill out the back. Yes, it’s all very Outback and very welcoming. The pub is big, with tons of room, so sit inside or sit outside, fire up the Barbecues and enjoy the best cooked breakfast you will find on the road. All the facilities are nice and clean and, of course, you will always get a nice cold beer, not to mention the mean roast dinner that’s on the menu! And the barmaids here are tourists and have some cracker stories to tell.

Situated just 120kms out of Cloncurry, it’s also worth noting that there’s no mobile phone reception unless you drive about 250m up the road and around the next corner.

You will not find Outback style or hospitality like you do at the Quamby Pub.

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