AS sad as it was to leave Maroochydore, it was time for some Outback fun!

We headed north to Bundaberg, the home of the world famous Bundaberg Rum and I couldn’t wait. The drive up there seemed to take forever, even though it’s a great road to travel on, as I was so excited about our distillery tour that afternoon. Sheree wasn’t so keen … I wonder why?

After unhooking our vans and setting up, we headed in the direction of the birthplace of the big White Polar Bear (yep, you know the big fella from the Bundy advertisements on TV?). And there he was, right inside the door waiting to greet us. They make some awesome things in that place, not to mention the liquors – they went down very, very easily, if I might say so myself!

Next was the Mysterious Craters on the outskirts of town on the way to Gin Gin. That’s the town everyone claims is UFO hotspot with regular visitations reported. And I am not joking! We went and filmed locals in the street and they are fairdinkum about these UFOs. So much so, that only two days earlier one had apparently crash-landed and partially burnt down one of their houses! So off we toddle out to the farm to see it for ourselves and, lo-and-behold, there it was! I still don’t know what to think of that. The fact that the place had been burnt was very real and we saw it with our own eyes – for obvious reasons the main part was all cordoned off, but we could still see where it had burnt and the owner confirmed that it started from something crash-landing from outerspace … that’s when we high-tailed it back to Bundaberg!

Couldn’t sleep a wink that night waiting for ET to knock at my door.


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