IT is an easy drive from Ballina to Toowoomba, especially with the new highways making driving your campervan a lot more pleasant experience around the Gold Coast and Brisbane. It’s just the last steep haul up to the top of the mountain that can be hard going. Mind you, it wasn’t until we left that we realised the problems that it caused – those damn brakes again!

Toowoomba is world famous for its amazing gardens and even though I wouldn’t normally look sideways at a garden, these have to be seen to be believed. It is just awesome to see the local council putting so much time and effort back into something that everyone can enjoy.

Next on the agenda was Sheree deciding to experience the local Ghost Tour. It’s a self-drive option but the problem was she was too scared to get out of the car and film it (for The Great Australian Doorstep)! She still swears that there was a ghost in the schoolgrounds! I had to stay at home and babysit.

One of the original Cobb & Co museums is also in Toowoomba and, boy, you can spend a great day in there. So much for the kids to learn, and adults for that matter! Toowoomba is definitely very under-rated. It’s a great city, easy to get around and tons to do.

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