Five essential 'ingredients' for a classic Kiwi road trip

Five essential 'ingredients' for a classic Kiwi road trip

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If you want to soak up all that New Zealand has to offer, then you best jump behind the wheel of a car and hit the open road.Driving from town to town is a great way to explore the beautiful sights of this country. Kiwi families often embark on road trips of their own during their holidays - even locals can't get enough of New Zealand!

To make your road trip a classic Kiwi adventure, here are five essential 'ingredients' to take with you as you explore New Zealand by car.

Good music

First things first, you've got to have a wide selection of good music. Look out for NZ car hire options that include a CD player or the ability to plug-in an iPod so you can cruise around the country listening to your favourite tunes.

If you want to sample some of New Zealand's local sounds, then you can't go past popular Kiwi bands such as Shapeshifter, Kora and Crowded House.

Pineapple lumps

Would any road trip be complete without a few bags of lollies? New Zealand is famous for its juicy pineapple lumps, so be sure to grab a packet of these from the service station when you fill up with gas.

Other popular Kiwi treats include Toffee Pops and Whittaker's chocolate.

A tent

If you haven't organised yourself a campervan, then it’s a good idea to pack a little tent. There are plenty of camping grounds around New Zealand that offer cheap accommodation and stunning views.


There will be plenty of Kodak moments on a New Zealand road trip, so don't forget your camera and charger! You will want to record all of the beautiful sights you see as you travel through the country.

A picnic rug

Throw a picnic rug in the back of the car, along with some plastic plates and wine glasses. Kiwis enjoy sitting outdoors for dinner for a spot of fish and chips on the beach.

Why not embark on this tradition yourself while you're in the country? When in Rome!

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