LEAVING behind the arty town of Quenbeayan, we head east out to the coast to a little village called Nelligen. Now, it’s important to remember that when you leave Quenbeayan, be very, very careful. The road down to the coast is very, very steep. I had to go down in first gear the whole 18kms. It’s very steep and in places you feel as if you are going to get out of control.

But we made it and were greeted by the outstanding BIG 4 Nelligen Holiday Park. What a place! Built on an old footy oval, it’s almost entirely surrounded by water and the Clyde River. This place is so picturesque and the kids loved it thanks to the best children’s  playground, jumping pillows and tonnes of room to run around with the footy oval still in place, smack bang in the middle of the park.

For something different, take a cruise on the Clyde River or drive just 20 minutes south to Mogo Zoo. Honestly, this is the best zoo we have ever been too. The monkeys aren’t caged and they roam around on little islands. They are all so happy which is really great to see. They are extremely vocal and it’s refreshing to see that all the animals are so content and full of life – check out my wife Sheree with the African Serval (pictured above). We would vote it the best zoo in Australia!


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