From Port Augusta to Adelaide on the banks of the beautiful Spencer Gulf, it’s just gorgeous. It’s only a leisurely two-hour drive and all easy going, big open roads.

Port Augusta has some  unique attractions including the “spook hill” or Gravity Hill, near the Flinders Ranges where you face your car up this hill and put it in neutral and you somehow get pulled up the hill! It’s all true and is a fairdinkum optical illusion and very much worth the drive out there.

We enjoyed the the Champagne Cruise out onto the Spencer Gulf itself and went diving for the rare Razor fish (see picture). The water here has 7% more salt in it and you float really easily, but it makes it tougher to dive down for the Razor fish. This really is a place where the Outback meets the ocean and you won’t find a more photogenic place.

Also take in a visit to the Wadlata Outback Centre, another attraction that is second to none. Heaps of time and effort has been put in and you will easily spend three or four hours here.  We stayed in the Big 4 in Port Augusta and they have the best pool … especially after spending six long days on the Nullarbor.

After cruising down through Port Pirie (not much here, but still worth dropping into for morning tea) we reached Adelaide. Don’t fret about driving around the city with your rig as Adelaide is very easy to get around and navigate and its roads are really tow-friendly if you happen to have a caravan or vehicle attached to the back of your camper. Just be careful of the enormous hill when leaving Adelaide and be prepared for a long struggle!


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