After leaving behind an awesome time “Fossicking”, and finding a truck-load of great gem stones, we headed further north to Armidale.

This place is so cold, I can honestly say I have never experienced living in such a chilly town! One morning we actually got down to minus 7! But in saying that, Armidale is a great town and full of surprises.

We met up with a guy affectionately known as “The Arrowcatcher” (Anthony Kelly). He is world famous for his amazing reflexes. His partner fires very sharp arrows and he catches them with his bare hands!

Around town there are some great photo opportunities with their historical buildings, especially the Catholic Cathedral which is simply stunning. Even if you are not religiously inclined, you really just have to go and see this place for yourself.


I even walked the 5kms out to the site of the very first hydro dam … I thought I would actually see something, but all I got was a wonderful park bench donated by the local council to sit on!