Delicious South Island - take a road trip your taste buds will love

Delicious South Island - take a road trip your taste buds will love

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You can talk about seeing beautiful scenery and visiting local cultures all day, but sometimes, the best thing about a road trip is the food. The South Island of New Zealand is host to some of the most worthy food destinations in the world.


Starting in the deep south, the Bluff oyster is currently in season and often considered the best oyster in the world. Demand is so high in fact, that helicopters sometimes fly out meet the fishing boats in order to distribute the oysters more quickly.

At approximately NZ$24 a dozen, these delicacies of the sea are worth blowing your travel budget on.


In the self-proclaimed adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is famous are far north as Auckland for burger bar Fergburger. Open 21 hours a day, it has been known to cause aforementioned Aucklanders to road trip the 3,000km round trip just to taste arguably the best burger (or at least most famous) in the land.


On the East coast of the South Island Dunedin is home to the world famous Cadbury factory. For a reasonable $20, adults can take a tour of the factory, learning about the history and processes of the magical kingdom of chocolate creation. Most importantly however, you'll get ample opportunities to sample the produce.


On the other side of the South Island, the annual Wild Foods Festival hosts some of the strangest things you'll ever eat, or for the less adventurous of us, watch other people eat. It is tradition for festival revellers to dress up en-masse and enjoy the weekend wearing something ridiculous but feeling ok about it because everyone else looks ridiculous too.

Kiwis sure know their food, and with a Queenstown car hire or Christchurch campervan rental, you'll be able to eat your way around these South Island food destinations.

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