Check out beautiful Esperance on the south coast of Western Australia

Check out beautiful Esperance on the south coast of Western Australia

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FOR a lot of us who live on the east coast of Australia, Esperance in the west is just that little bit too far away. Being situated along the south coast of Western Australia, the only way to get there from the east is usually along the Nullabor and a great way to travel the Nullabor  is with a campervan rental, preferrably booked through DriveNow of course! And for those of you who have never done it, you don’t know what you are missing out on! Esperance really is a remarkable place, full of surprises ... good surprises, of course.

Did you know that on part of the Nullabor Plain there is the world's longest perfectly straight piece of road? The views along the rugged coast line of the Great Australian Bight are second to none and then at the end you are welcomed with huge open arms when you arrive at the town of Esperance!

We actually did it in reverse this time around after spending five months in the Outback: we came down the WA West Coast and arrived in Esperance from Albany.

You know how you often read magazines or look in brochures and the pictures look wonderful but when you get there the place is nothing like the glossy photos? Well if it's at all possible, there are no photos that can possibly do Esperance justice. It is absolutely out of this world. We have travelled the world extensively and nowhere have we ever seen sand so white, ocean so blue and landscape so diverse dotted with bright coloured wildflowers. Even with the wildest artist's imagination you couldn't paint a picture better than the real-life surrounds of Esperance. It definitely is a jewel in Australia’s crown. With the caravan park right on the beachfront you very quickly ease into the cruisy lifestyle that Esperance offers. It’s a happening seaside town and it doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things.

First up was a beach drive in a 4-Wheel Drive for a bit of fun. Anyone can drive on the beaches here, but guess what the only rule is? Just be safe! We cruised the length of the ocean beach and were greeted with a very menacing-looking cliff stretching up into the sky. Oh well, time to turn back ... or so I thought! But no, it was a case of let's drive up it! Sheree leaps out of our 4WD with Boston in her arms, yelling at me with words I really can't repeat on this DriveNow blog. The last thing she said was “Your life insurance better be up to date!”

I must admit I was really nervous, but our friendly guide was extremely encouraging and just said put her in full 4WD and don’t throttle off ... and off I went! You can actually just drive up this almost vertical rock face up to a ledge where you get the most amazing view. I got up there no trouble at all - where else on earth could you do this?!

PETER "SPIDA" EVERITT The Great Australian Doorstep airs on 7TWO and Aurora. Visit The Great Australian Doorstep for more information about Spida and the gang.

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