The Chair’s Where? Gunbower Island via Cohuna

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Now we have all heard of the Murray river, the mighty border between Victoria and New South Wales, and those iconic destinations that demand our attention and interest. The pioneer village at Swan Hill and the paddlesteamer cruises at Echuca/Moama are wonderful examples and part of travel folklore.

But hidden among these more obvious travel locations are lesser known hidden gems that are equally deserving of our attention. One such location is Gunbower Island and adjacent township of Cohuna, a relatively easy drive north of Melbourne along the Hume Freeway and Northern Highway in your Melbourne car rental. Let’s have a closer look.


A progressive and dynamic small country town, Cohuna has all the necessary drawcards to make it worth a visit.  Steeped in history, all types of shopping, good services and some great local dining and wine options make for a perfect getaway. Even better, the township is a comfortable three hour drive from Melbourne which allows for some stops at antique shops, roadside fruit and vegetable stores and a changing scenery good for those with a camera addiction. But without doubt, the highlight in this area is Gunbower National Park, and the Gunbower Island, directly accessed via a bridge from Cohuna.

Gunbower Island

Gunbower Island is unique. Right from the start let’s mention this is the largest inland island in Australia. Bounded on one side by the mighty Murray River and on the other by the Gunbower Creek, the eco habitat of this island has not seen significant interruption or intrusion. As such this island is a magnificent tour de force of all that is good about natural habitats and the chance for us to share same. Would you believe there are 195 recorded species of native fauna? Yes, there are kangaroos, emus, lizards and koalas. But let’s not forget sugar gliders, the giant bullfrog and many more. That’s exciting but now let’s try the 200 species of birds on show including migratory birds from as far away as the Arctic and northern Europe. A true bird watcher’s and nature lover’s paradise. So much so that the Ramsar Treaty declares this area as a ‘Wetlands of International Significance’. Even better we can visit it by boat, four wheel drive or on foot. So why not stay close and with people who can point you in the right direction…

Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park

The Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park is on Gunbower Island and is bordered by Gunbower Creek. Drive up with a tent or get yourself one of the waterfront cabins. Bring a motorhome or caravan and be given a site right on the waters edge. Take advantage of bush walks, kayak trips, boating excursions, water adventures, four wheel drive information and the list goes on. Management are proud of being part of the Family Parks chain and as such consider bringing your four legged family as well. A customer service focus ensures that guests will have a memorable experience and are likely to return time and time again.

This is a great accommodation venue that is part of a truly impressive natural habitat that we can actually share and be part of.  When you do your next list remember this is a “must visit”.

Happy days and happy travels.

The Chair


5 great ways to discover Cairns and Surrounds

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Cairns is a tropical paradise for any person who loves the great outdoors. It’s world famous for being one of the best spots to explore the Great Barrier Reef. But what many people don’t realise is Cairns has absolutely everything to offer those who enjoy nature – including pristine rainforests, tropical islands, hiking trails and more.

Hire a car at Cairns Airport so you can easily get around to some of these incredible attractions. Make sure you book your car rental well in advance if travelling during peak season around September.

Swim at Babinda Boulders

The Babinda Boulders is a glorious swimming hole that’s popular with the locals. The cool, crystal clear waters feel like heaven in the summer. But it’s also worth visiting the attraction at any time of year. The flowing creeks are surrounded by lush rainforest and a short walk away from the main swimming area are the magnificent, tall boulders. Here’s a tip: make sure you stop by the famous Babinda Bakery on the way there!

Babinda Boulders

Hike Mt Bartle Frere

This quest isn’t one for the faint-hearted! Mt Kosciusko holds the title of Australia’s highest mountain, at 2,228m. But not far behind is Mt Bartle Frere, at 1,611m. You can hike the challenging eastern approach or opt for the easier western approach. Either route will take a full day with an early start and you should be prepared with water, food, insect repellent, and don’t forget your sunblock. The views at the top are well worth the challenge!

Mount Bartle Frere

Visit Fitzroy Island

One of Australia’s most beautiful beaches is on Fitzroy Island. Nudey Beach is stunning at any time of year, with sandy shores meeting turquoise waters. It’s only a short boat ride from Cairns and you can stay for just a few hours or several nights. Fitzroy is a popular swimming spot to see turtles. There’s also a walking track that takes you to the top of the island, where stunning views await.

Fitzroy Island

Feel the fear with Bungy Jumping

Get the adrenaline pumping at AJ Hackett in Cairns. Take a leap of faith as you throw yourself off a 50 m tower towards a pond below. It’s a thrilling adventure that you must try at least once in your life. So why not try it while surrounded by lush, tropical rainforest?

Bungy view at AJ Hackett, Cairns

Relax at Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation in the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest is one of the most unspoiled natural wonders. If you come in the off season, you’re likely to find you have the entire beach at Noah Bay to yourself. There are many great hikes, cafes and restaurants to explore around the area, as well as the famous crocodile spotting tours.

Robinson’s lookout at Cape Tribulation


Try these great adventures in Western Australia

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Western Australia is a year-round destination. No matter what season you travel in, you’ll find a gorgeous place to spend your holiday. WA has everything to offer – such as pristine beaches, forests, rugged outback scenery and more.

If Western Australia is next on your adventure list, then check out DriveNow’s car hire deals. You’ll find a good price for a car rental at Perth Airport

Once you’ve picked up your wheels, visit one of these five destinations for adventures.

Ngilgi Cave

Have an authentic cultural experience by venturing into the famous Ngilgi Cave. It’s one of the gems of Western Australia. Admire the beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and other unique formations. With an Indigenous tour guide you’ll also learn some Aboriginal dreamtime stories, including how the legendary cave formed.

Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup, WA

Cape Leveque

Admire the dramatic red cliffs that contrast against the white sand and turquoise waters of Cape Leveque, which is 240 km north of Broome. Cape Leveque offers some of the Dampier Peninsula’s most stunning scenery. While here you can also join a scenic flight to view the incredible Horizontal Waterfalls at Talbot Bay. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Cape Leveque, WA

Shark Bay

Australia’s most westerly point is an incredible place to visit. This region of WA is World Heritage Listed and is home to one of the largest and most diverse seagrass beds in the world. Some of the most popular activities here include daily dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia Marine Reserve and simply relaxing on these pristine beaches.

Shark Bay, WA

Hike Australia’s largest rock

When it comes to famous rocks, everyone thinks of Uluru. But it’s actually not the largest. That title belongs to Mount Augustus in Western Australia. It stands 715m high, making it more than twice the height of Uluru. You’ll have to drive 1000 km north of Perth but hiking the 12km-return summit trail is definitely worth the journey to see this stony red rock. Just make sure you leave early to avoid the heat of the day and take water and food.

Mount Augustus, WA



How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Sydney

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Looking for a luxury holiday?  You don’t have to stray too far from Sydney. This lively city is home to some sensational sights, extravagant experiences and fantastic food.

All you need is a set of wheels so you can make your way from one site to another. Hire a car at Sydney Airport and then let your luxury holiday begin! Here are five ideas to get you started.

Twilight cruise on Sydney Harbour

luxury holiday sydney

Take in the stunning landmarks of the Sydney Opera House and harbour bridge from the comfort of a cruise boat. Source: Pixabay

Sydney Harbour is paradise for anyone who loves being on the water. There are many different boat tours to choose from them. A popular one for couples is the two-hour sunset cruise on board a sailing yacht. Staff will serve up some tasty treats and wines and beers while you sail pass the Sydney Opera House and other major attractions.

Dine at the Icebergs

Sydney Luxury Holiday

Enjoy a meal with a side of magnificent views at Bondi Icebergs. Photo: Simon Rae on Unsplash

Enjoy a meal while taking in the famous, panoramic views of Bondi Beach. It’s the perfect backdrop day or night while you get comfortable in an elegant and intimate dining room. The Icebergs’ menu is constantly changing to accommodate for seasonal flavours, and it has a modern Italian focus.

Stay overnight at the zoo

This experience will make you feel as if you’re right in the heart of the African jungle. Spend the night in a glamping style tent at Taronga Zoo, where you’ll fall asleep to the sounds of roaring lions and wake up to elephants trumpeting. Not only do you get to stay close to the animal enclosures, but you’ll have incredible views of the city skyline.

Make the most of a helicopter flight

Luxury Holidays Sydney

Enjoy views of the city and beyond from above in an exhilarating helicopter ride. Source: Arran Bee on Flikr

Sydney is an amazing city when viewed from above. On any given day you can sign up to a helicopter ride, which will fly you past iconic attractions like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you’re particularly adventurous, you can even choose an experience where you get to learn to fly a helicopter under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

Pamper yourself at a day spa

Spa treatment is the best kind of treatment if you just want to relax. Sometimes an hour or two isn’t enough. So why not go all our and spoil yourself with massages, facials and other spa-treatment packages for an entire day? The Day Spa By Chuan at the Langham Hotel is a great place to start. You’ll feel refreshed and energised.


There’s no need to book a flight to Bali to relax and unwind. Looking for something a little more adventurous? Check out our itineraries for car and campervan rental in and around Australia.




How to Conquer Campervan Travel with Kids

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Adding kids to the campervan holiday equation can put a new spin on an already amazing trip. All it takes is a bit of planning, a bit of preparation, and maybe a few extra chocolate bars. Take a look at these top tips for campervanning with youngsters to best prepare your travelling crew for a smooth and enjoyable ride.


1. Pick the right vehicle

While you may love the idea of living your hippie dreams in a rustic VW camper, your kids might have other ideas. Hire a campervan in which everyone can sleep without too much of a squeeze, particularly if your kids already struggle with bed time. Unless you don’t mind sharing lights-out time with your little ones, think about picking a vehicle with an awning or separate section for the adults to relax in to avoid having to talk in whispers!

On-board toilet facilities and showers may also come in handy when you’re travelling as a family, saving you from supervising every bathroom trip in a random outhouse.

2. Check the extras

 One of the best parts of renting a campervan is that you often have your pick of helpful extras you can choose from or already come with your rental. See if your choice has an awning that can provide adequate shade so your kids can play outside without you fearing the elements as much. Or check to see if you can grab a high chair to make mealtime easier.


Packing kids campervan

Camping with the family. Photo by Steinar Engeland via Unsplash.

3. Plan your travel

 Got a 10-page itinerary to tick off? You may want to tone it down a bit. The holiday will be more fun for travellers young and old if you can keep timelines and stress to a minimum. Rather than trying to pack too much in, take time to make the most of a few destinations with short trips in the surrounding area. If you do have long journeys, try to break them up with walks or fun activities to keep the kids as entertained as possible. As you know, things often take longer than you think they will with kids. Factoring in the extra time just might help keep you sane.

4. Come prepared…

 Some kids are angels on long journeys; some like to make things a little more difficult. No matter which category yours fall into, it’s always good to be prepared. Whether you download a stash of films to your iPad, stock up on snacks or come up with fun games or tasks for them to check off during the journey, you can never be over prepared when it comes to entertainment.

5 …But not too prepared

The same can’t be said for bringing the entire contents of your house. It may be tempting to bring all your creature comforts, but consider the size of your campervan rental when packing. Pack lightly with just the essential outfits, shoes, and accessories and your campervan won’t feel like a garage sale.


Campervan travel with kids in tow doesn’t have to be a headache. Pick your vehicle, plan your travel, and with any luck you’ll find yourself with a bunch of happy campers.

Ready to jump in and book your family campervan adventure? Head over to DriveNow to browse a wide range of campervans and motorhomes to get the show on the road.



Top events at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

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The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is one of Victoria’s most impressive events. Every year, more than a quarter of a million visitors flick to Melbourne’s restaurants, bars, laneways, and rooftops for 10 days. You can visit award-winning wineries, breweries, have cultural food experiences and taste the delights of innovative, high-profile chefs.

This year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival runs from March 16 to 25. There are more than 300 events across Victoria.

Track down a bargain car hire deal from Melbourne Airport and make your way to one of these unforgettable festival events.

10k Gourmet

Enjoy a divine five course meal, comprising of fresh seafood, locally-crafted cheeses and cool climate wines. The Bellarine Peninsla is rich in beauty and just as diverse in the types off food it produces. Sit down for panoramic views and a delicious meal at Jack Rabbit Vineyard. Each bit of food on your plate or drop of wine on your table is sourced within 10 km of the venue.

Cooking for family

Sign up for this hands-on cooking class, which isn’t just for the adults. Kids and teenagers are invited too. The aim is to encourage children to eat healthy and the class demonstrates how fast-cooked home meals can be nutritious and delicious. The class is led by Nellie Kerrison, founder of Relish Mama.

An Ethiopian Banquet

Throw down the knives and forks for this meal, as you don’t need them to experience an Ethiopian buffet the traditional way. Instead you use flat bread to scoop up the different foods. Imagine an exquisite array of spicy meat stews, lentil dishes and home-made honey and barley drinks. Enjoy your feast at a communal table with strangers and forge new relationships with the people sitting beside you.

A historic cocktail journey

Make sure you reserve your spot for this fascinating, elegant event, where you get to explore the innovations of the Dinner by Hestom Blumenthal cocktail list. Treat yourself to a tasting size of different cocktails, each of which has its own historic worth learning about. The infusions are unique, tempting your taste buds like never have before.



WA: 5 Dreamy Autumn adventures along the west coast

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surfer in WA

Escape to wonderful WA for your fix of sun, sea, and surf. Source: Nick Duell on Unsplash

As summer comes to an end, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the holiday period is over. That’s not true. The West Australian coast is home to plenty of autumn adventures, from swimming with whale sharks to discovering the golden, picturesque valleys. In fact, March to May is the best time to see many of Western Australia’s top attractions.

Down south, the trees in the valleys turn gold and orange. While the weather remains warm further north. In this part of Australia there are many great autumn adventures waiting to happen. Hire a 4WD at Perth Airport and drive to one of these experiences.

See Broome’s Cable Beach at sunset

Forget your summer holiday and save it for autumn! Not only does Broome’s sunny, dry season kick in from April, but it’s also the end of the stinger season. Enjoy the long stretch of white sand and turquoise waters at Cable Beach. Between March and October at Roebuck Bay you can also witness one of Australia’s most spectacular natural phenomenon’s, Staircase to the Moon.

Blackwood Valley

Journey an hour and a half inland from Margaret River to discover the majestic Blackwood Valley. This part of the world is spectacular at this time of the year. Wake up inside a cosy B&B in one of the small towns dotted along the countryside. Autumn is perfect weather for bushwalking in Balingup Tree Park. Near the end of autumn the beautiful karri trees shed their grey bark to expose the golden and pink tones beneath. It’s a lovely sight.

Swim with whale sharks

Add swimming with whale sharks to your list of autumn adventures in WA. Escape 1150 km north to the Ningaloo Coast, where there are beautiful beaches and it’s hot all year round. Just off the coast is a marine oasis. Many people come here to see the whale sharks, which arrive in autumn each year and leave in winter. Snorkel alongside these magnificent creatures as they glide effortlessly through the water.

Relax along the Quobba Coast

About 900 km north of Perth is a spectacular stretch of coast, known to for its gorgeous rugged scenery. It’s a great spot to go for a walk by the beach, or to take the family swimming or fishing in these crystal-clear waters. Another popular attraction to explore is the 1988 Korean Star ship wreck, which has been at Cape Cuvier since 1988.

Travel to the Buccaneer Archipelago

This is one of the most spectacular sites in all of Australia, yet so few people make the effort to venture to the state’s north to see this natural gem. The Buccaneer Archipelago is made up of about 1000 rocky, sandstone islands which are up to 2,500 million years ago. This paradise has white sandy beaches, pristine rainforest, gorgeous reefs and Indigenous rock arts. An incredible sight to see it the horizontal reversible waterfall in Talbot Bay.



Head north for your southern winter escape in a caravan

By Brisbane / Queensland /

It seems just about everyone has the idea to head north for their southern Australia winter escape. Can you blame them? When the north’s tempting you with blue skies, hot days and perfect beach weather, it’s hard not to think about leaving the winter blues behind. But your winter escape holiday to the north doesn’t have to be expensive. DriveNow offers a range of bargain campervan rental deals from Brisbane. Snap up one of these offers and be on your way to one of these adventures.

Have a magical encounter with turtles at Bundaberg

Bundaberg is another destination that doesn’t always rank high on the list of priorities for travellers, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Apart from being home to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, which pays tribute to one of the pioneers of flight, it’s also the site of the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific. Learn about the important work that conservationists are carrying out at Mon Repos. It’s also possible to get actively involved in the project by helping rangers relocate eggs and watching eggs hatch at certain times of the year.

Explore towns along the Sunshine Coast

Drive a couple of hours north of Brisbane and you’ll find one of Queensland’s most beautiful stretches of coast with plenty to do. Noosa is the star attraction of the Sunny Coast, with its boutique stores, upmarket restaurants and glorious surf beaches. However, you certainly won’t be disappointed if you venture into the beautiful villages of Montville and Maleny on the Hinterland. Here you’ll find stunning lookout views of the coast, unique art shops, cafes and other rare treats.

Relax at Seventeen Seventy

The sleepy town of 1770 near Agnes Water is a five and a half hour drive north of Brisbane. It’s an ideal spot to base yourself while exploring the outer Great Barrier Reef, especially if you’re interested in visiting Lady Musgrave Island. This gorgeous town is known for its natural beauty. It’s surrounded by scenic bush walks and the pristine Deepwater National Park. Yet most travellers have never heard of this incredible place. This also means you can have a relatively quiet winter escape without the crowds.

Get beached at Byron Bay

This is the place to go if you want to spend your entire holiday in or by the water. Either relax on the sandy shores or swim at some of Australia’s famous beaches. Learn to surf, kayak, or try stand-up paddle boarding or go scuba diving. Byron Bay is the perfect place for any of these activities. The Arakwal National Park and the Cape Byron coast also have many scenic bushwalks that visitors rave about. Byron is also conveniently just a two hour drive south of Brisbane.



Why a Tasmania campervan escape is a must-do

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Tasmania is beautiful any time of year with its countryside being the perfect place to relax and unwind. Just a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you’ll feel as if you’ve been on holidays for weeks in beautiful Tassie.
Thinking of heading somewhere beautiful for the Easter break? All you need to do is grab a great campervan deal to enjoy a cheap weekend at one of these destinations in Tasmania.


Located within a beautiful valley, Rosebery is a zinc and gold mining town. It’s surrounded by dense forest and volcanic mountains known as the West Coast Range. If you like walking then there’s a scenic loop that offers superb views of the town. Rosebery also isn’t far from Montezuma Falls, which is one of Tasmania’s highest falls. To get there you just need to take a short walk along an old mining tram line or you can even get there along a 4WD track.

Snug Beach

Are you searching for your own beachfront paradise? You’ll find it at Snug Beach. It’s only a 30 minute drive from Hobart. Relax by the beach as you ready a book or have a picnic with the family. It’s a great location to swim, fish or go boating. You’ll also find a beach tennis court and a children’s playground not too far away. Venture a little further into the Huon Valley and you’ll be kept busy with plenty of scenery and popular attractions.


Beautifully preserved colonial buildings and cafes line the town of Stanley. A history tour will help you learn all about Stanley’s past. Another popular activity is climbing the path to the top of the Nut, which is a flat topped hill rising about 150 metres from the water’s edge. You’ll enjoy 360 degree views of the town. If you’re feeling tired then you can just take the chairlift to the top. However, it’s a good idea to base yourself in Stanley if you want to discover some of the best wilderness experiences that Tassie has to offer.


Tasmania’s second largest city is still a fantastic place to enjoy a relaxing weekend away. It offers a fantastic mix of city and country charm with its elegant Victorian and Colonial buildings. Launceston is also known for its surrounding natural beauty. The stunning Cataract Gorge is only a short distance from the centre. While if you follow the Tamar River north then you’ll encounter the state’s finest wine-growing region. You could easily stop by many wineries along the way!

Coles Bay

This part of the world is unforgettable. Long after you leave the lovely seaside village you’ll be thinking about when you can return. Coles Bay sits between the bottom of stunning granite mountains and crystal clear waters of Oyster Bay. The best part about Coles Bay is that the beaches aren’t crowded. Enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, etc. while feeling as if you have this little slice of heaven all to yourself. From here you can also explore the stunning Wineglass Bay, which is consistently rated among the top beaches in the world.



The Chair’s Where? Coolum Beach, Queensland

By Brisbane / Queensland /

The state of Queensland is a high profile tourist destination visited by locals, domestic and international visitors alike and Coolum Beach is no exception. Queensland is a truly great destination with an array of tourist attractions often based on natural drawcards such as ‘the reef’, the rainforest and the Outback. A truly common theme for Queensland is an emphasis on ‘sun, sand and surf’. Where better to enjoy this trifecta than the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast

The ‘Sunny Coast’, as it is called by the locals, is a favourite of many.  A wonderful tourist mecca, flanked by rolling green hills, the eerie shapes of the Glasshouse mountains, long stretches of golden beach all giving way to the deep blue sea. An hour’s drive from Brisbane via the motorway from Brisbane airport, or by flight direct to the airport at the Sunny Coast where you can hire a car or campervan, this magnificent location is readily accessible to all.

Coolum Beach

When it comes to the magnificence of the Sunshine Coast, it is hard to pass up the beauty of Coolum Beach.  Midway along the Sunshine Coast, with ease of parking, surf patrols, gentle sloping beach, and even an off leash dog area, there is a lot to love about this beach getaway. But any beach getaway is only as good as the place you choose to stay, its proximity to the beach, its facilities and its value.  So now let us go to the Coolum Beach Holiday Park…

Coolum Beach Holiday Park

As the name implies, this holiday park is directly adjacent Coolum beach. Several direct access routes lead from the park to different areas along the sandy expanse of foreshore. The venue has excellent manager/owners who keep themselves directly involved in all aspects of park life.  This ‘hands on’ approach ensures a venue focused on good maintenance, cleanliness, amenity, staff rapport, tourist advice and efficiency – all designed to provide the best of customer service. This focus is all about a super positive ‘experience’ for you, the customer. The venue is proudly a member of the Family Parks Chain. Like so many other Family Parks this venue is in fact pet friendly on sites. No need to leave the four legged friend behind – just bring a walking leash, and enjoy the time together. Better still, parts of Coolum beach are also ‘off leash’ friendly for your pets.

After the beach

A great day at the beach is enhanced by the capacity for some fantastic alternative activities. Coolum Beach Holiday Park can certainly help. Directly opposite the venue is a long expanse of specialty shops.  Everything from takeaway outlets, salons, souvenir shops, bakeries, surf retailers, clothing and a myriad other options for your browsing pleasure. Restaurants compete with some excellent clubs to challenge your culinary tastes.  Better still they are all within walking distance so risk a fine wine or two as well. Feel like a drive – head up the hills for organic foods, unique experiences at the ‘ginger factory’, pick up a treasure at Eumundi markets, listen to blues music at Tewantin – and the list goes on.

Coolum Beach Holiday Park – where great guest experiences meet the beach.

Remember to slip, slop and slap!


Also check out Great Ways To Play On The Sunshine Coast At Easter


The Chair’s Where? Conway Beach, Queensland

By Queensland /

Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour are well identified tourist destinations along the central Queensland coast.  Alive with resorts, upmarket shopping, scenic attractions and the like, these centres are a busy and cosmopolitan part of the broader tourism of Queensland. But the central Queensland, Whitsunday region has some terrific hidden gems that will tempt even the most discerning of traveller. One such gem is the beautiful Conway Beach.


Situated only 39km from Airlie Beach, this small township is truly a hidden gem. Largely populated by retirees, the settlement is nestled in a large bay as beautiful as anything else the Whitsundays has to offer. A sweeping tranquil bay, with a golden sand beach, water the colour of aquamarine and flanked by green coloured hills… the view is amazing. Easy access is gained along a bitumen, two lane road that runs through rain forest and gently hilled areas making for great photo opportunities. There is birdlife in abundance.

The Hub

Without doubt, the hub of the Conway Beach community is the Conway Beach Tourist Park. The venue started life decades ago as a ‘rough’ camp for intrepid fisher folk determined to make angling a real success. The area remained a ‘secret’ for many years but progressively morphed into a camp ground area visited by people other than just fisherman. As time moved forward the decades saw an increase in camp facilities, the arrival of caravans and motor homes and the birth of a more modern managed camp ground.

Beware toothy neighbours on your porch!

Conway Beach Tourist Park

The venue is now an accomplished tourist park venue with an appeal to all manner of customers.  Management has a wealth of experience and this is clearly reflected in the positive customer ‘experience’ available. As a result, well appointed cabins and significant shaded sites (both powered and unpowered) combine with wonderful guest facilities. Facilities come in all shapes and sizes from a fish cleaning area complete with pots to cook your crabs, a water park, a large pool, sandpits and play areas, pizza making and the list goes on.  The peel of laughter from both young and old is loud and clear, as guests are taken by ‘train’, on the Beach Express, the short distance to and from the beach.


Plenty of good reasons to attend Conway Beach already, but what about the Diner! (pictured top) George’s Diner is named after the owner and it is a scene straight out of an episode of Happy Days!  An absolute ‘must see’ when attending the Whitsundays, the diner is exactly what you would expect and feels like it has been transported forward in time from the 1950s.  Formica table tops, lots of chrome, neon lights and signage all compete with a full size jukebox for your listening pleasure. Don’t forget the menu – sodas, burgers, fries, coke, ice cream, this place has it all. To top it all off, like any good diner, the Banana Split is simply brilliant. This is a must-see and a must-experience venue.

Happy Days and Happy Travels.


(DriveNow has teamed up with “The Chair”, none other than Dennis Werthenbach, the enigmatic and super popular chairman of the board for Family Parks Holiday Parks & Campgrounds – for more than 26 years, Family Parks has represented independent caravan parks and camping grounds, promoting fantastic holiday destinations for travellers young and old. With so many great caravan and camping parks throughout Australia and New Zealand, Family Parks is more than just a holiday, it’s a unique holiday experience.)


Get a taste for this year’s Noosa Food & Wine Festival

By Brisbane / Queensland /
Tipis on Noosa Beach

The Noosa Food & Wine Festival continues to boom and this year’s event on May 17-20 will have over 30 great events so there’s every reason to get your holiday accommodation sorted and your Brisbane car rental booked in and prepare to cruise up the highway for a feast for the senses.

The Festival Committee says one of the hottest places to be is under the Noosa Tipis on Noosa Main Beach: “This stunning venue opens on Friday night as it hosts the Festival Opening Party, celebrating Noosa’s amazing collection of restaurants coupled with some of Australia’s leading wines and continues to party across the weekend with great events presented by some of Noosa’s finest restaurants.

Check out the festival’s five great reasons to book your tickets now…


Ground your feet in the sand, take in the fresh air and immerse yourself in yoga and a nourishing breakfast under the Beach Tipis. Beyond Experiences will present a unique fusion of health and wellness offerings, showcasing talented and passionate souls.

Zenko Yoga will lead a 60-minute beach practice that will awaken the senses through breath and movement, while taking in the best view in Noosa. This feel-good flow will energise, stretch, centre and focus you in preparation for a fulfilled day.

Nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits, Cyndi O’Meara, will share her inspiring story along with insights into her sustainable farm located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

A nutritious Cyndi O’Meara-inspired breakfast will be served on the beach, showcasing local produce from Noosa’s own Shambhala Farm. A healthy breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a fresh Noosa Cleanse juice and a splash of champagne!  (Stand-up event.) Saturday 19 May 6.30-9am $80.


Watch the sun set from the Beach Tipis?as you join Bistro C, Boardwalk Bistro and Rococo for a sublime night of food, wine and entertainment to remember. (Stand-up event.) Saturday 19 May 5-9pm $195. (Please note this is an 18+ only event).


There’s no better way to start a Sunday?than with a Champagne breakfast. Take in stunning sea views with Laurent-Perrier in hand, delicious canapés by Rickys Head Chef Josh Smallwood and chilled Sunday sounds by DJ Mike. (Stand-up event)

Ticket includes one Champagne Fizz served on arrival, one glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne, plus six canapés (four small canapes and two substantial canapes). Sunday 20 May 9.30-11am $75. (Please note this is an 18+ only event).


Experience four of Noosa’s finest restaurants – aromas Noosa, Rickys, Locale Noosa?and Wood Fire Grill at a four-course lunch showcasing produce from Maravista Farm and matching wines by Pizzini Wines together with a welcome drink on arrival. (Sit-down event.) Sunday 20 May 12-2.30pm $165. (Please note this is an 18+ only event).  


What is Aperitivo? To the Italians, Aperitivo refers to a refreshing alcoholic beverage or cocktail shared with friends at sunset. It is meant as an appetizer or opener to your night with the intention of stimulating your appetite for a night of food and fun!

For the finale of Noosa Food & Wine 2018, Noosa Boathouse and Dal Zotto Wines are presenting just that! Join them for the Official Closing Party and enjoy the sunset on Noosa Main Beach, slip off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes.

Grab a Dal Zotto Prosecco cocktail while you decide what you’d like to nibble on. With Noosa Boathouse Chef Shane Bailey and Chef Matt Golinski at the helm, there will be some fantastic local food on offer, so be prepared to try some amazing produce from the Noosa region.

The music kicks in, as does a night under the stars full of fun, food and festivities….Welcome to Tipi Aperitivo. Tickets include: Beach Tipi entry, 2 hours of Dal Zotto Prosecco cocktails and wine (5-7pm), generous amounts of food by Matt Golinski and Shane Bailey, plus live music by Honey! Cash bar available 7-9pm. Sunday 20 May 5-9pm $149. (Please note this is an 18+ only event).  

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