Berlin attractions are at their peak in spring. The sun is shining, the parks are green and the streets are alive with smiling locals as the weather warms up.

Are you planning a trip to Germany’s capital this spring? Find a cheap deal to hire a car from Berlin Airport and check out these Berlin attractions.

Berlin Wall

You can’t visit Germany without exploring the world’s most famous wall. For nearly 30 years it was a symbol of the Cold War, dividing Berlin and the world. The destruction of the wall was one of history’s most celebrated moments. As a result, there’s little left of it. There’s a section of the wall that’s about 1km long with more than 100 paintings. They document the city’s history and pay tribute to the lives lost while trying to escape to freedom.

Beer Gardens

One of the most popular Berlin attractions is the beer gardens. With spring beginning and as more people take to outdoor venues to enjoy the weather, you’ll find there’s no better time to enjoy them. The Luftgarten is a relaxing green oasis in the heart of the city. It’s popular for the beers and the BBQ. There’s also the gorgeous Brachvogel which sits right on the Landwehr Canal. Here, you can enjoy draft beers, seasonal dishes and miniature golf while you’re at it.

Cycling tour

Berlin is one of the best places to rent a bike to explore the city. It’s a well-connected place and you can get from places like the Brandenburg Gate to Charlottenburg Palace in minutes. If you’re worried about travelling solo then you can also join a group cycling tour. A guide will take you to all the main sites and explain their significance.

IGA Berlin International Garden Festival

There’s no better time to hold a garden festival than throughout all of spring. The IGA Berlin International Garden Festival runs from April to October. The exhibition features up to 8,000 exciting events. Explore the gardens of the world, the modern ideas focused on the future and sustainability of urban parks.


This beautiful town is home to some of Europe’s most impressive palaces of the last three centuries. Prussion kings built architectural masterpieces surrounded by landscape gardens. Babelsberg Castle is one of the top sites to visit. It brings a taste of England to Germany. The baroque buildings within Sanssouci Park are absolutely marvellous.

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