Australia to NZ – quarantine free – what you need to know

Australia to NZ – quarantine free – what you need to know

He waka eke noa – we are all in this together.  Well, Australia and New Zealand are anyway!

It’s very exciting that the so-called ‘Trans Tasman bubble’ becomes reciprocal from 19 April 2021.

Here are the basics of what you need to know to get yourself in a Motorhome before it starts getting cold in the land of the long white cloud.

  1. You don’t need proof of a Covid test
  2. Not Australian? – Have you been in Australia for at least 14 days prior to entry and tested negative to Covid19.  You don’t have to be Australian but if you’re not you will need a visa.
  3. Get your flight booked – Air New Zealand and Qantas/Jetstar.  (Virgin resume 31st October)
  4.  You meet the normal pre-Covid immigration requirements

When you are travelling 

  1. Make sure you are well when you travel, your airline could refuse you travel if you are unwell. If you are unwell – get tested and delay your travel
  2. You will be required to fill out a ‘travel and health’ declaration at the airport (you don’t need to have been vaccinated)
  3. Wear a mask at the airports and on the plane
  4. You will have your temperature taken at the airport on arrival in NZ

What do the NZ covid traffic lights mean

GREEN – Low risk – Quarantine free

ORANGE – A few cases of unknown source have appeared – 72-hour lockdown/border closures – stay put.

RED – Multiple cases of unknown source have appeared – longer lockdowns, border closures and flight suspensions.

Be prepared for disruption time-wise and financially.

Websites where you can find the fine print 

New Zealand Government – How to travel quarantine free

New Zealand Immigration – Coming from Australia


Shelley Richardson

Shelley Richardson

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