A who’s who of our New Zealand car rental companies

A who’s who of our New Zealand car rental companies

If you’re looking to hire a car in New Zealand, then you’ll need to be aware of the different car brands we have on offer.

Our search section considers all of these options and finds the best car for your needs based on an array of criteria that you get to choose.

But if you want to know a little more about the company itself, here’s a rundown.


An international brand now available in New Zealand, Avis is probably most well-known for its legendary advertising campaigns.

‘We try harder’ has been one of the most recognisable tag-lines for the last 50 years, owned by a company that at the time of creation, was number two on the popular car hire company list, so sold themselves as the place to go where they really would ‘try harder’.


Brought to New Zealand in the early 1980s, the company is a self-proclaimed car rental provider for ‘budget-minded’ renters, without skimping on the quality.

In 2006, Budget teamed up with Kiwi charity Cure Kids and has since provided vehicles for special events and projects, as well as short-term hires for Cure Kids business purposes.


This company operates in over 150 countries worldwide, and has won the title for ‘Best Car Rental Company in Europe’. They pride themselves in their excellent service and the wide range of vehicles in their fleet.


One of Hertz’s main objectives is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Their Sustainability Program is based on preventing and minimising environmental impact, and strives for sound green behaviours. It is the only rental car company whose CEO has endorsed the ‘CEO Climate Policy Recommendations to G8 Leaders’.


Thrifty is a Kiwi owned and operated company, and endorses green driving. They offer carbon neutral cars so the environmentally minded driver can offset their carbon footprint by contributing to the re-planting and re-greening of New Zealand.

DriveNow Team

DriveNow Team

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