7 places to watch a sunrise or sunset in Melbourne

7 places to watch a sunrise or sunset in Melbourne

WATCHING a sunrise and a sunset in Melbourne is spectacular at any time of year. There are many vantage points including some relatively unknown places where you can admire such beautiful and unforgettable scenery.

Here are seven places to warm the cockles of your heart around the city where you can take in the best views of Melbourne’s sunrises or sunsets.

  1. Eureka Skydeck

Watch Melbourne’s incredible sunrise or sunset from the sky! The southern hemisphere’s highest viewing platform offers 360 degree views of Melbourne’s CBD, Port Phillip Bay and Sports Precinct. For a thrill, head the ‘The Edge’ on level 88 – a projecting glass cube suspended 300 metres above the ground.

  1. St Kilda Pier

Watch amazing shades of orange, yellow, pink and blue reflect off Port Phillip Bay’s calm waters. The view from St Kilda Pier is simply mesmerizing. Hang your legs over the pier, feel the cool breeze and gaze at the horizon as the day’s light slowly fades away.

  1. Sky High, Mt Dandenong

While it’s perched on Mount Dandenong and may be slightly out of Melbourne, Sky High’s views of the bustling city are nothing short of spectacular. Watch over Melbourne as lights start sparkling amongst a colourful sky at sunset, or observe the city waking up at sunrise.

  1. Half Moon Bay, Black Rock

Locals boast about this lovely spot along Port Phillip Bay. Watch the sun’s golden rays hit Half Moon Bay’s cliffs. You’ll notice a silhouette of the world’s last surviving monitor warship, the HMVS Cerberus, siting in the bay, as the sun rises behind it.

  1. Swan St Bridge

A wonderful point to peacefully admire Melbourne’s skyline at sunrise on the weekend while most of the city is still sleeping. Watch over the Yarra River, with the Queen Victoria Gardens to your left, as the day begins.

  1. Shrine of Remembrance

As the sun rises and goes down, we will remember them. Watching the sun rising over a magnificent building dedicated to the brave soldiers who died fighting for our country is moving. It’s an unforgettable sight that touches everybody’s heart.

  1. Olivigna Restaurant, Warrandyte

Experience a country sunset. Tucked away in Melbourne’s northeast, in the leafy suburb of Warrandyte, is the Italian-style winery and restaurant Olivigna. End your day sipping on some wine with the sun casting it’s golden light on the surrounding 20 acres of green, rolling hills.


Brianna Piazza

Brianna Piazza

Brianna Piazza is an Australian television reporter and part-time travel blogger. Originally from Melbourne, she's currently living in Cairns where she works for WIN News and spends her weekends exploring the outdoors Far North Queensland.

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