There’s no need for car hire to be a stressful process, here’s a few tips on how to ensure things run smoothly and avoiding nasty surprises:

  • Book Earlier – Always the best advice as this ensures the best rates and locks in the vehicle you’re after. With no Credit Card details required when booking through sites such as and no booking or cancellation fees locking in rental car deal has never been easier.
  • Booking Optional Extras – If you need Baby or Booster Seats, Sat-Nat aids or other optional extras ensure these are requested when making your initial booking as there will be limited numbers available in each location.
  • Read the Contract – Not the most interesting of things to do, however ensure you know and understand what your obligations are and what the rental company is responsible for.
  • Check your Car – Before leaving the rental depot check the inside and out of your vehicle for any damage or markings and compare against the documentation supplied by the rental company. Take photos and/or notify a car rental representative so it can be recorded before leaving their premises.
  • Obey the Rules – Rental companies place certain restrictions on where their vehicles can be taken. Some examples of where not to drive include, beaches, off-road and on unsealed roads (house-drives excepted), through fords and above the snowline (unless snow-package taken). Driving in these areas invalidates all insurance and means you would be liable for all costs in the event of damage or an accident. If in doubt check with your rental provider when picking up the vehicle that your travel plans do not contravene their terms and conidtions.
  • Notify the Car rental Supplier – If you need to extend your rental period or change your drop-off location let the rental company know as early as possible. You will incur additional charges however the earlier you contact the rental supplier the lower the charges are likely to be.

The Team at DriveNow