Life on the road when you’ve rented a campervan in Australia can be loads of fun, but those with gadgets have a hunger for more. So what’s new in the world of digital enhancements and clever gadgets to make your road-tripping all the more special? Try these three.

1. Say hello to Lenny (pictured). If you have music in your smartphone, ipod or subscribe to an online music provider like Spotify, you want to make sure your tunes sound the goods in that camper! Audio Dynamics in Melbourne have the best portable Bluetooth mobile speaker units going around. For music on the go, the portable speaker, called “Lenny”, is essential for the holidays and the Elipson Lenny sets a new standard for portable wireless speakers both for design and sound quality. Lenny, a foghorn-shaped portable speaker, connects with devices equipped with the Bluetooth 2.1 protocol and is compatible with Android and IOS smartphones, tablets, computers and any other device equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so you have access to your music library anywhere you have Lenny by your side. Check out Audio Dynamics ?at for more info.

2. Cool camera from Canon. Designed for travellers wanting to zoom into their subjects with ease, the new PowerShot SX520HS features a 42x Optical Zoom lens and Zoom Framing Assist so you can get closer to the action. Fully equipped with a DiG!C 4+ processor and 16 MegaPixel sensor, this SuperZoom is the ideal travel companion when you’re taking snaps on your campervan journey throughout Australia. An optical image stabilizer means you can capture sharp, crisp images and smooth, steady movies without shake.

3. Smartphone value! King Kong Kogan! The big question is, do you really need to fork out four times as much as the new Kogan Agora 4G smartphone for smartphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung? Especially when we’re always being urged to upgrade every year? This recently launched unit is a beautiful, fast, and powerful new phone for just $229, which changes the smartphone industry and consumer expectations. Just a fraction of the cost of other phones with similar specs, it’s beautiful to hold, has a solid build and feel, a big bright screen, is very snappy, runs the latest version of Android, and of course, fast 4G LTE connectivity. The Kogan Agora 4G launches in Australia first, available exclusively at

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