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November 2009 - DriveNow Blog

Great driving holidays – Emerald to Mackay (Qld)

LEAVING Emerald and heading back out to the coast in the campervan was a welcome relief. I’m not saying anything bad about Emerald, it’s a very unique place, but to head out to where the Great Barrier Reef begins and see the view just says it all.
Pulling into Mackay we ran into trouble. Big trouble, so it’s worth taking note of this if you’re driving around Queensland in your hire campervan from DriveNow or caravan. We had all pulled over on the side of a newly tar-sealed road to wait for the others. We got out, I walked […]

Using Australian Toll Roads when Hiring a Car

It’s a sign of the times when just about every major city in Australian today has road tolls in one shape or other, generally on the most useful roads & freeways.  If you’re an inter-state or overseas traveller with a hired car then paying for these tolls needs to be done within a certain time frame of travelling to avoid penalties, not only imposed by the Toll Service but also rental car provider.
A Quick Guide to Australian Road Tolls:
Sydney operates one of the most extensive networks of Toll Roads and Bridges in Australia. All use electronic e-tags […]

Driving and Mobile Phones – New Victorian State Regulations

As with most countries, the holding and use of a mobile phone whilst driving has been banned in Australia for a number of years, with 3 License demit points and a fine for those caught doing so.
However, it is still an every day occurrence and common sight on Australian roads today.  VicRoads, the Victorian Road Authority, reports that you are 4 times likely to be involved in an accident when using a mobile phone and a staggering 23 times more likely if texting.
The Victorian Government has decided to get tough on this issue and has introduced Australia’s most […]

Great driving holidays – Rockhampton to Emerald (Qld)

BIDDING farewell to the ocean, regrettably, we set off inland to the vast spaces of the Queensland mining Outback – Emerald. There’s some great roads around there, in fact, Queensland has had awesome roads pretty well everywhere we’ve been so far. But one thing to watch are the road trains as these gigantic things are hauling enormous mining machinery. They take up the entire road, both sides, and their support car often only travels a couple of hundred metres in front, so when you see one – get off the road! And I mean off the road. The truck is […]

Keeping Kids safe in Cars – New Regulations in Australia

Australia’s states and territories have finally got their act together and established a National set of rules to govern children and how we secure them in cars.
The introduction of these new rules does vary. In Victoria they come into effect from November 9th 2009, Tasmania introduces them in December 2009 whilst the other states and territories will follow in 2010.
In a nutshell the following will apply:

Under 6 months – Children must be seated in an approved and properly fitted rear facing child capsule
6 Months to 4 Years – Children must wear an approved and […]

Great driving holidays – Bundaberg to Rockhampton (Qld)

ROCKHAMPTON is the Beef Capital of Australia – and the world – so they tell me, with over 3500 head of stock going out of Rocky every single week.
The drive up from Bundaberg is a good one. Good roads and great areas to pull off the road, too, when those wonderful road trains almost mow you down. You will not see anywhere else in Australia the sheer numbers of cattle roaming the roadways. Obviously not too safe when you are driving, but certainly great scenery!
Upon arrival in “Rocky” we were invited to visit the Gracemere Saleyards on one […]

Can I really get a One way Campervan Rental from a $1 a day?

YES you didn’t misread the title, and NO it’s not another one of those sales gimmicks. Truly it is possible to rent a Campervan for as little as a $1 a day or even essentially for nothing from some of Australia’s leading providers.
So, perhaps a bit of background to explain what’s this all about and how it comes about.
With Campervans and other vehicles being hired and dropped off at different locations around the country, the rental companies are often left in the position of having plenty of vehicles but sitting in the wrong locations. These need to be […]

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