Driving holidays – Lakes Entrance (Vic) to Quenbeayan (ACT)

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Australian Capital Territory – a place with artistic flair

The drive north from Lakes Entrance in Victoria was a hard slog in some places, especially in a campervan. It’s about a five-hour drive but, funnily enough, the time just seemed to fly by.  There isn’t a lot to stop and see along the way, but a myriad of surprises awaits in Quenbeayan!

Did you know that Quenbeayan is one of Australia’s biggest art towns? We certainly didn’t! This part of Australia is home to some of our most talented artists. We went to the Bilk Workshop and The Artists Shed. You can even taken in a few art classes which run three or four times a week. Who knows, you may just have a hidden talent ready to be unearthed … though I certainly didn’t. So, if it’s art you love, Quenbeayen is definitely the place for you.  There are loads of art galleries and tucked away little studios all waiting to be explored. We were there in Autumn which made it all the more picturesque. Pack a picnic, stroll through the galleries and studios and make sure you have lunch along the riverbank because you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, Quenbeayan is the neighbour of our capital city, but don’t think you need to go into Canberra, as there is absolutely everything you will need right there in Quenbeayen – including indoor kids’ play centres, great restaurants and all the everyday services you need.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Especially those of you who live within driving distance, short or long! Go now, because Quenbeayan is a must-see place.


The Great Australian Doorstep Series 2 is now showing on the How To channel on Foxtel (Australia).


Driving holidays – Melbourne to Lakes Entrance (Vic)

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Melbourne to Lakes Entrance

We decided to check out our own “doorstep” and spent a few days looking around the Dandenongs, within an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD. It’s a leisurely cruise in the campervan, too, with loads of great sites as you wind your way up these hills east of the city. It’s such a beautiful place in Autumn. You just have to go to the Cuckoo Restaurant, it’s a damn good day out. Great food and very entertaining.  We parked the vehicle and took the Puffing Billy (pictured) up there – a place I haven’t been since I was 7. You forget what is right on your doorstep, you really do.

A grand entrance

Then we headed off to Lakes Entrance, which is an easy drive, nice open roads, flat and perfect for just cruising along. Lakes Entrance is so under-rated. Only four hours drive from Melbourne, it’s an easy weekend getaway with so much to do. We went fishing, didn’t catch anything; there are little boats you can hire and drive yourself (anyone can do it if I can!). If fishing’s not your thing, you can just cruise the waterways and check out the nice homes. The ocean beach is quite something and we were lucky enough to see whales. Well, my wife Sheree did, I didn’t have my glasses on. And as for the restaurants, well, what can I say. We ate out nearly every night with so many different types of restaurants and food flavours to choose from. It’s a really relaxing cruisy place. Will definitely be going back.



Driving holidays – Adelaide to Warrnambool (SA)

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On the road in South Australia

When leaving Adelaide behind, we headed off to our first morning tea stop in Hahndorf. It’s such an awesome little town, and it’s world famous for its apple strudel. You simply cannot afford to miss this place. Harndorf is only a 90-minute drive from Adelaide. Watch the big hill heading out of Adelaide, however, as it’s a killer!

With full tummies, we cruised our way down to Robe for the night.  We stayed at the Big 4 park which is across the road from the beach –  and a great little swimming beach at that. The park has absolutely everything, including an indoor heated pool; way too spoilt for a caravan park!

We went out to some local farms to check out the dairy industry, comparing it with what we do in New Zealand. Most of it went straight over my head as I am still learning, but my wife Sheree talked for hours and was very impressed by the sheer size of some of the dairy units in and around Robe.  In the afternoon I hit the ship for a spot of fishing and gathered local seafood delicacies (see photo with a prized catch above!). Needless to say, that night’s dinner was the best we had had in many, many weeks.

Next day we headed off from Robe to Warrnambool, to see the sights of beautiful Great Ocean Road, one of Australia’s best routes to drive.  Beautiful farmland one side, the glistening ocean on the other. Don’t forget your camera when in this part of the world because there are great photo opportunities. As a highlight, we even saw whales in the distance.