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Carry-on classic and other nifty travel gear

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So you’re looking for the right gear and gadgets as a business traveller on the road post COVID-19? Try these 5 recommendations from the DriveNow car rental team.

Stylish Victorinox carry-on is king

Light, compact and as tough as a goat’s head – if ever there’s a cool piece of carry-on luggage to glide through the airports with, it’s the latest from Victorinox called the Etherius Gradient.

Etherius Metallics Collection has suitcases in four sizes (from carry-on to check-in) in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver (it’s since added Evergreen, Deep Lake, which is navy blue). The carry-on stood out for its ultra light weight while shouldering up with some solid protection qualities.

The hard-shell cases are made from Bayer polycarbonate which translates to serious durability and super light. The Hinomoto wheels (made in Japan) and a retractable handle that can be set at three different positions make it a smooth experience, especially with separate grips on the side and top for extra convenience.


Many travellers still use a GPS device while on the road. A little old school perhaps, but the Navman CRUISE models are still improving and the bigger screen and functionality seem to suit a big section of the corporate traveller market.
This one is perfectly affordable for drivers who may prefer to keep their sat-nav technology straightforward but appreciate the useful features of a standalone GPS, such as free lifetime map updates, spoken safety alerts, built-in multi-language options, or live traffic found on the CRUISE650MMT.

The touchscreen is one of the big drawcards, a 6-incher and includes free monthly map updates, safety voice alerts, driver fatigue alerts, speed alerts and Landmark guidance Plus, the CRUISE650MMT makes for a safe and stress-free journey. The Navman includes even more features such as Bluetooth Hands-free, a stack of traffic info such as Live Traffic and Smart Route that uses historical traffic data to provide the best route to avoid traffic congestion at any given day or time.

Navman CRUISE650MMT. Photo by


FireFly combats DVT

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a serious issue and one regular flyers need to be mindful of. FireFly is a brilliant  device created with the aim of stimulating blood flow for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It was previously only used in hospitals.

Business travellers and travelling sports men and women take note: the electronic device provides athletes with accelerated recovery after intense physical activity. It has also been proven to assist in preventing the serious health risk of DVT when travelling long distances or when mobility is reduced due to an injury.

For some tech talk: it’s worn behind the knee, the device uses OnPulse neuromuscular electro- stimulation (NMES) technology to simulate muscle contraction and trigger the body’s built-in mechanisms. It’s portable and has no wires and can be easily turned on and off.

Firefly Recovery Device. Photo by

Brilliant buds for long-haul flights

Air pressure changes during landing and take-off can be torture, and those annoying background noises on long-haul flights are a right pain. But the FlyFit noise and pressure-reducing earplugs are the perfect solution. FlyFit includes acoustic filters, which regulate uncomfortable pressure on the eardrums during takeoff and landing and act as a valve that balances the pressure between the outside world and the mid ear, to give your ears time to adapt to the differences in pressure in the air. These filters also absorb ambient noise, so you can have a relaxed start to your trip. Made from a special thermoplastic material developed by Alpine, these earplugs mold to the shape of your ear, so you’ll always have a perfect fit (not recommended for children under 10).

FlyFit Earplugs by Alpine. Photo by Alpine Hearing Protection

Noke a keyless winner

Who wants to worry about those tiny keys for your luggage padlocks? No one, really. Noke (pronounced “no key”) has served up the world’s first Bluetooth padlock which works with a simple app on your smartphone. The padlock opens and closes with a simple swipe of your finger. Better still, you can even share access to locked items with others by setting timeframes and duration of access if you really want to get fussy. And what if you lose your smartphone? Noke allows you to make a custom access code to open the padlock manually.

Noke padlock. Photo by

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